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A-LEVELS are the set of subjects in the British system that are taught during the student’s 16th and 18th years. A-LEVELS are taught in the UK but increasingly in other countries around the world, including Spain. To understand us, they are part of Year 12 and Year 13, years equivalent to the 1st and 2nd year of the Spanish Bachillerato.

The UCAS is the admission process for United Kingdom universities. UCAS is not just a process for England, it is for the whole of the UK, meaning that all territories are accessed in the same way, in a centralised way. Parents and students always have the same doubts and that is why it is very important to be clear about how it works and to have good advice.

One of the most difficult and typical decisions of students is to choose between International Baccalaureate and A LEVELS. But which system is the best? There is really nothing that says one is better than the other: it depends on what the student is looking for, what his expectations are and what his future prospects are. It is such a complex decision, so we will explain the differences.


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