Have you already done your homework, have you studied today? They are the phrases we hear and use the most. At home, at school and even ourselves we repeat them constantly and often, lazily. A laziness that is accompanied by a habitual image: the mountain of books that comes to us accompanied by long hours. However, we know that it is study and our perseverance, which will lead us to achieve the expected results and our personal improvement; that’s why we assimilate it, we assume it as a challenge and what sometimes we find tedious may also encourage us. It is for these reasons where we should stop and think: HOW TO STOP STUDY SESSIONS FROM BECOMING ROUTINE OR SOMETHING TEDIOUS?

Well, the first thing is the motivational factor. We mustn’t only study because we want to get good grades to please parents, or because it is what we have to do. We have to study because only then will we be getting closer to the future, to maturity, to personal improvement and fulfillment. One of the advantages offered by the levels of education in international education is that they prepare the student for life, for the future because they are always one step ahead, creating adults capable of making decisions by being visionary and decisive.

The best academies and international education programs recommend that among the fundamental steps to improve and obtain better performance at the time of study, and for a better organization and performance of study hours, as well as the assimilation of content more directly; is the realization of schemes or summaries. For this it is essential to establish an order of factors.

If you are lazy in your duties and you do not see the study as a habit or routine and learn to enjoy it and better your performance, pay attention to these TIPS, TECHNIQUES AND ORDER OF STUDY that will serve you well in organizing your session, and you will see how through following these tips you will be able to study less time, spend less energy and assimilate knowledge far easier:

1-Pre-reading quickly. First we must do a quick read of the study text to know what we are going to study and be able to get an idea of ​​the organization of the most important concepts.

2-Divide the content into sections to be able to carry out an adequate study of each important point.

3-Reading and comprehension of the text. This reading (which can be one or two readings), will have to be slower in order to understand what the text is trying to convey. It is recommended that you write down the concepts that are more complicated to be able to find their meaning and be able to understand the whole text.

4-Underline the main ideas. Underlining is necessary before making the outline. The underline will help us to choose the main ideas and discard those that are not useful. Thanks to the underlining you can better organize the content you should study and by selecting the information you will understand it better.

5-The scheme. The scheme is essential to be able to carry out a successful study. In it you can organize the main ideas that you have underlined in the text and place them in an easy order to study, visualize and understand. Once you have arrived at this point, the scheme will help us to study together with the text everything that has been worked on so far. It is necessary to write those concepts which are more complicated to remember so they can be better learned more efficiently.

6-The review. Once everything has been studied it will be necessary to review it using the schemes.

From TutorAsap we encourage you to investigate and always make your study hours a productive and enriching experience. Remember that also meetings with classmates are usually very enjoyable and provides dynamism, improving the ties between those present as all collaborate contributing their bit, and from our academies, you will have the support of specialized tutors and trained at the levels of International teaching that will also help you in solving tasks and course work.