On April 23, 2005, the first video on YouTube was uploaded. This well-known website has already been online for over 10 years. After the site was purchased by Google, its growth increased rapidly and is now the third most visited website on the planet, after the same Google search engine, and Facebook. Of course, with that huge amount of traffic you can also find a lot of content of all kinds, for all the needs and of all the languages ​​that you imagine.

Organizations like TED and Khan Academy are taking education further with the series of online lectures and interactive lessons (check out TED-Ed if you have not already done so).

But YouTube hosts its own style of educational channels with hundreds of videos each, waiting to show you something new every day. The people behind these videos are asking important questions about the universe – or doing their best to answer questions that their subscribers ask them. There are a large number of creative geniuses who are making the most of this means of communication to talk about a range of topics such as science, mathematics, history, law and any other issue that may be addressed at school.

Below we present some of the channels that we have selected in both Spanish and English, considering it of great interest to watch the videos in another language to help international education students improve their language skills. In addition, if you need to reinforce the language, sometimes, YouTube provides the option to put subtitles in English or Spanish which aids understanding.

Veritasium With more than 120 videos on this channel, Veritasium – derived from “veritas”, the Latin “verdad” – has become popular and had good reviews. The video “Slinky Physics” is the most popular, with more than 1 million views and has received coverage in the mainstream media. The original objective of this channel was to show the beauty of science and in this video they succeeded.


VSauce : Since its debut in 2010, VSauce has gained more than a million followers. Creator and host Michael Stevens raises seemingly rhetorical questions – such as “What would happen if we all jump at once?” Or ” What happens if the Sun disappears? “- and he answers them with detail and precision through his reflection.


Tareaplus A very comprehensive Spanish channel with perfect tutorials to learn about mathematics, physics, chemistry, algebra, calculus, arithmetic and trigonometry. They also have a curiosity section with interesting videos of general culture and topics, for example on how to save gasoline if you inflate the tires correctly, or how to calculate the distance in which lightning has fallen. The best way to navigate this channel is with your playlists where everything is organized.

CPG Gray covers a wide range of topics ranging from copyright laws to the pronunciation of “Uranus”, * CGP Gray (Collin Gregory and Palmer Gray, for friends) enlightens and eliminates myths of different subjects with humor.

ASAP ScienceThe successful videos of biologists Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown have earned over 10 million visits (as of December 2012) and reviews in Scientific American and The Atlantic. Take a look to find out why.

Smarter every day The real-life rocket scientist Destin (who conceals his surname for the safety of his children) aims to be smarter every day, and wants to help us do the same. Combining great enthusiasm with a very cool style, Destin addresses the mysteries of the physical world that surrounds us. If you’ve ever said out loud, “fluid dynamics are awesome,” then these videos are for you.

Artehistoria In this channel you will find an extensive collection of videos about History of Spain, History of Art, Great Civilizations, Great battles, Second World War, etc.

From Tutor Asap we support an interdisciplinary education based on the combination of different tools, such as audiovisual tools, to favour a better understanding and assimilation of the knowledge imparted to the students. Therefore, these and many other YouTube channels can complement the educational process of students.


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