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4 types of course designed to adapt to any needs. Our courses are given by our specialised and trained tutors. From research projects to intensive subject revision, you can choose whatever best suits you.


From June to August.

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You choose


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Given the current situation in which the stoppage has affected the education system, in TutorASAP we are betting more than ever on intensive summer courses. It is a decisive moment and we understand that the student must fight more than ever for his or her future and push to achieve their dreams.

Our professionals have the same concerns as the parents themselves. We want the students to continue their learning, reenforcing their subject knowledge from this past year and so preparing themselves for next. We will not allow external challenges to affect something as important as the futures of our students.

This two-week course is a tune-up and development for the Internal Assessment, Extended Essay and Personal Statement.

The course has 6 phases which include teamwork in groups of up to 5 students, meetings and workshops. Our students’ project is carried out according to the relevant IB rules as well as our own TEO methodology.

This is the course which focuses most on the academic course. Three subjects are chosen which are developed over 10 teaching hours each. Various terms from the previous course are reviewed, and those of the coming year are outlined.

This is the most complete Summer course, being the sum of the previous two.

Three subjects are chosen, 10 hours per subject, in which the contents of the previous year are reviewed and revised and those of the coming year are prepared. And the Internal Assessment, Extended Essay or Personal Statement are worked on in 6 phases, supported by our specialised tutors who work to the IB rules.

A personalised course designed to review with our trained tutors the subject chosen by the student, under our TEO educational methodology.


Group Classes

A complete review of the subject is carried out and examinations will be carried out with our official materials. Our groups, with a maximum of 5 students, encourage teamwork and the desire for knowledge.

Our students will meet with a trained and specialized tutor who will be able to adapt their classes so that the group is able to meet their goals.

Private Classes

TutorASAP puts more than 240 private teachers at their disposal to help them prepare for the exams.

Our main objective is for the student to achieve satisfactory results through private lessons, which will result in an improvement in their self-esteem, motivation and achievements.


Come study with us and enjoy an individualized education, focused on getting the student out of the maximum possible performance. Discover why our students are sued by the best universities in the world.


In TutorAsap we help students get prepared for IGCSE, A-Level and IB with our revolutionary and effective method, ready to obtain top grades so that they can achieve places in the best universities.


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