Summer is finally here. Welcome to our High Performance Summer Courses!

Probably, this’ll be the strangest students’ summer in all their lives. It’s clear that they can’t make their plans into reality but there are things nothing and nobody can take away.…. like putting on their swimsuits, eating that expected ice-cream… and enjoy our summer courses, too!

We keep our promise. TutorASAP family hasn’t left this traditional thing like summer courses so one year more we’ll help students in the privileged international systems like IB, MYP and in IGCSE or A-level, and also we’ll work in any Examination Board, like Edexcel (Pearson), AQA or Cambridge (CIE).

How? With four different kinds of courses that will adapt at the needs and desires of students. These courses, with 2 weeks duration, are a perfect plan in this summer because we have incredible news that you shouldn’t miss! For example, our online option of our courses designed for students that are outside of Madrid and far away from Plaza Castilla educational centres. Our courses are perfect too for people who want Edexcel, A Levels or IGCSE online courses.

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Let’s rock this summer!

There are 4 kind of courses… what’s yours?

  • R&D (Research and Development), that helps students in their Internal Assessment and Extended Essay for the International Baccalaureate IB.
  • Toolbox, this is perfect to students that want to review 3 subjects of their natural year and plan for their next year. This could be from A Levels or IGCSE, for example.
  • Combo, the perfect mix of R&D and Toolbox.
  • Tailor-made, the 100% personalised course. If students want to review one specific subject, take pre university training, or study skills… for example, Literature for academics, fun maths workshops for IGCSE… and much much more!





Some of advantages…

  • You can choose face-to-face or online modes, so you can study from the beach or wherever you want. Study from any part of the world!
  • Each student will get 2 of our star tutors!
  • Two intensive and high performance weeks without giving up the summer.
  • Up to 6 students for each face-to-face classes with the most secure and comfortable environment and all the precautions. We consider the circumstances and we’ll take care of our family.
  • We have an opened, transparent and friendly method. We work hard and efficiently to teach our students to work for themselves and to organize their studies. 
  • In our face-to-face classes we could for example take classes outside and… OK, eat some ice-cream cause not everything is homework!



Do you want to join our family?