Best Ideas for Your Internal Assessment in Business

It can seem somewhat problematic when trying to finalise your internal assessment (IA) idea in business. You can be presented with many high grading ideas, but what will provide the individual marking your paper a true “WOW-factor”?

The decision itself is remarkably difficult because a lot depends on it. Because of this, we want to minimise the potential stress caused by selecting an engaging, informational, exciting, and well- rounded internal assessment in business.

To further understand how we can help with your IA, I suggest you become familiar with the below ideas that have proven themselves to be high graders.

The best topics for your internal Business


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1. Effects of the coronavirus on airline brand loyalty

The first and most stimulating internal assessment we want to discuss is the effects of the coronavirus on airline brand loyalty. On March 23 rd, 2020, twenty airlines suspended 100 per cent of their flights because of the virus. The backlash from the press, social media, and the situation was immense, and individuals flying during this period had to wait months (sometimes years) to receive a
refund or flight change.

As you can imagine, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction quickly decreased during this period. However, the reasoning for prolonged refunds or decisions was solely to keep the business running through these unknown times.

Within this internal assessment, there are three areas of concern you’ll want to focus on. These include:
• Loyal client base
• Customer retention and satisfaction
• Positive customer flight experience

An excellent reason to use this type of IA is because of its relevancy and comprehensive information, which can easily be found from reliable sources online.

2. Effects of bank mergers on profitability and sales

Recently, there’s been a lot of disputes about bank mergers and their profitability and sales. In countries like the United States, this is something they want to crack down on because it can have a significant impact on the financial industry.

Because of the rapid growth of these consolidation methods and the worrying thoughts about how the economy could be affected, it’s a superb internal assessment to conduct. There are various avenues you could explore, but we recommend you consider the following:

• Market share
• Scaled operations
• Economies of scale

Developing a detailed piece targeting the above has proven to be a high grader for an internal assessment. Additionally, it’s an issue that’s now present. Therefore, it showcases high levels of relevancy.

3. Resolving stakeholder conflict within organisations

Within the world of business, stakeholders play a significant role. The primary stakeholders in a traditional corporation are suppliers, customers, employees, and investors, which are parties of individuals who either can affect or be affected by your business. But what if there’s a substantial problem that needs to be resolved; how would you achieve this successfully? That’s what you’ll want to find out within this internal assessment.

With this topic, you could branch out and explain various methods with analytics to back your
findings. However, the main areas you’ll want to cover, include the following:
• Methods of negotiation
• Mutual understanding
• Conflict elimination

4. How effectively has Ford recently attempted to globalise?

The above topics are relatively new to the internal assessment scene and haven’t been discussed much, making them ideal topics. However, if the above doesn’t provide you immense interest, you might want to consider this one.

For years, people have loved expressing the following question “how effectively has Ford recently attempted to globalise”. Ford is a large organisation with lots of valuable data available online, making them an ideal candidate. Notably, you don’t necessarily need to use Ford. It could be Tesla or any other business which have recently started to become a global phenomenon.

There are many areas of interest you’ll want to consider compiling in-depth research in, but we consider you explore the following interests:
• Business strategy
• Product(s)
• Marketing

5. What is the best way that McDonald’s will meet employee motivation needs?

Lastly, another interesting topic you could investigate for your internal assessment is “what is the best way that McDonald’s (or another company) will meet employee motivation needs”. In the corporate world, keeping your employees satisfied and motivated to work is exceptionally crucial.

We chose McDonald’s for this example because of the masses of information online about their company and its strategies. It’s an industry that isn’t considered the most “fun” or “inspiring”. Therefore, they’ve developed innovative ways to ensure the utmost motivation within their employees.

Depending on which company you decide to analyse will highly depend on what target areas you evaluate. However, with this example, you’ll want to consider the below:
• Company culture
• Implementation
• Profitability

After reading the above, you should be knowledgeable on five exceptional internal assessment ideas in business. But, choosing an excellent topic isn’t enough. Because of this, you’ll want to become familiar with the below tips.

  1. What makes an excellent internal assessment in business?

How you execute, construct, and layout your internal assessment is what will really provide you with the grades you desire. To help with this process, you might want to remember the below tips on what makes an excellent internal assessment in business.

1. When developing an internal assessment, it’s mandatory to use straightforward and clear language. After all, the individual marking the paper must easily understand what you’re discussing.
2. Additionally, you’ll want to solidify pre-research, research, and an IA layout before heading face-first into the project. It’ll provide you with much better visualisation of what information you need, along with what you’re trying to achieve.
3. If you can, try to keep the topic fresh, relevant, and “new”. By doing this, you’re supplying your marker with an internal assessment that hasn’t been conducted before. Doing this will undoubtedly provide some excitement.
4. Remember to showcase your skills, understanding, and research within the business sector. Provide pretty graphs, data tables, and much more to improve readability.

After becoming knowledgeable on the above, you should now have a broader understanding of what internal assessment you’ll undergo for business.

Therefore, what are you now waiting for? Start developing some comprehensive research, layout your IA, and begin finalising your essay.

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