The education of your child is one of the most important things that you will have to consider during your life. Choosing which educational model they are going to follow is a big decision. One option that more and more parents are considering is bilingual education. If your child is already bilingual, enrolling them in a center that teaches two languages ​​can help him to reinforce the two languages ​​they have already mastered. If your child speaks only one language, a bilingual center will help them to learn another language and open them up to a world of opportunities.


A bilingual education can strengthen the executive function of the brain. Various investigations have shown that, thanks to the simultaneous use of both languages, bilingual people develop skills for functions such as inhibition, change of attention and working memory. In this way, students who receive bilingual education often perform better in jobs that require multitasking, decision making and problem solving.




Being fluent in an additional language can make a candidate stand out among potential employers who are hiring new staff. It also opens the doors to additional opportunities that are not available to those who only speak a single language.

Many international companies are increasingly looking for employees who are bilingual due to factors such as globalization. These are jobs with important incentives that are reserved for candidates who are competent in more than one language


Language is not only about learning word sets and grammar, but also about discovering another culture and another way of life. The advantage of a bilingual education gives children a broader perspective and brings them closer to different realities and nationalities. In a world of constant change, communication is increasingly important. Children who can communicate with a variety of cultures are those who will have the biggest advantage in life


Choosing the educational model that our children should study is very important. Therefore, access to bilingual education should also be considered. Your choice can be determined by many factors, such as where you live and available schools.

Many people confuse international schools with bilingual schools. In general, an international school will follow the international curriculum and students will graduate with the International Baccalaureate that is recognized worldwide. In a bilingual school, you are able follow the national study plan.  Do not forget that any second language can be beneficial for your child. However, choosing a language that the student can practice outside of school will offer greater benefits.

Sometimes it is necessary to hire a bilingual tutor as the tasks that your child must do at home will be in both languages. At TutorAsap we offer highly qualified tutors with experience teaching classes in both languages. The option of a bilingual tutor is the most appropriate way to offer the student the perfect complement to successfully pass their subjects



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