Homeschooling, an alternative to traditional education

It’s true: the first thing that comes to the vast majority of people when it comes to educating their children is choosing a school. However, this is not the only option. Little widespread in Spain, Homeschooling, is the best alternative to traditional school. In Madrid, the pioneering academy in providing reinforcement classes to students of […]

International Baccalaureate Summer Courses

Summer is just around the corner. After the exam period, you have to stop and make an overall assessment of how the course has gone. Have all of the targeted knowledge for the school year been acquired? Is a small reinforcement necessary? Will there be any emphasis on any subject? These are some of the […]

Characteristics of International Baccalaureate Teachers

Thanks to the international baccalaureate (IB), as we have mentioned in some of our previous posts, students learn to be more reflexive, self-taught, demanding, empathic, etc. To be able to acquire all this knowledge, undoubtedly, one of the keys in this model of teaching are the teachers. Educators of this international system must meet specific […]

International Education in Spain

When it was founded in 1968 the international education program they did not think that this prestigious educational system was imparted, 48 years later, in 147 countries and that in 95 schools offer this, according to data from the International Baccalaureate Institute. And it is that in our country, this model is implanted in all […]

British education system

The educational system varies greatly from one country to another. The British has nothing to do with Spanish. Even in Great Britain there are some differences between England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The European Union has sought to unify criteria and certain guidelines are met in all countries. However, each educational system has its idiosyncrasy […]

Benefits of receiving extra-scholar support

There are many studies that have shown students receiving out-of-school support classes increase performance by as much as 70%. Throughout this article, we will list the main advantages of receiving this type of classes. At AtutorAsap, we are very involved in offering the preparation and support to help our students achieve their International Baccalaureate. Benefits [...]

Does Brexit Influence International Education?

On June 23, the British voted for a referendum that has marked a before and after in the recent history of Europe: leave the European Union with a percentage in favor of 51.9%. If the country was practically divided in two, Europe remained open-mouthed with the decision taken by something more of the population of […]


The International General Certificate of Secundary Education IGCSE

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a qualification for students between 14 to 16 years old. This program has a global recognition. It’s a good one for people who want to study abroad.   The IGCSE involves students for a preparation of one or two years. Those students, wish to win though […]

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