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ib, myp, igcse & a-level

TutorASAP is the first international academy created in Spain to support students in the British and international system.

We are the ONLY academy in the country that is a High Performance Education Centre with expertise in IB, MYP, IGCSE and A-LEVELS as well as having more than 240 teachers available, we also have pedagogues and coordinators who give personalised guidance to these students.  

In addition, our school support services are the most advanced in terms of education. We have products that adapt to the demands of any student.

Only the best professionals in the international educational field are part of our family to guarantee excellent results. 

Intensive Courses

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Are you worried about your child’s academic performance at the end of the school year? In that case, intensive remedial courses may be the solution you are looking for.

These courses are characterized by offering intensive teaching, with the aim of helping students to consolidate their knowledge and improve their skills in the subjects in which they have the greatest difficulties.

Intensive remedial courses at the end of the course offer a series of advantages that can make the difference:

Focus on critical issues

These courses focus on the areas in which the student has the greatest difficulties, which allows them to work more effectively on the content that needs to be reinforced.

Knowledge reinforcement

Intensive teaching reinforces the knowledge acquired throughout the course and helps students to consolidate it in preparation for the final exams.

Increased attention and follow-up

Intensive reinforcement courses are usually in small groups, which allows the teacher to pay more attention to each student and to monitor their progress more closely.

Total immersion in the study

By dedicating several hours a day to the study of a subject, an environment conducive to learning and concentration is created, which translates into improved academic results.

Preparation for final exams

Intensive reinforcement courses are organized with the objective of preparing students for final exams, so they work on solving standardized exams and offer effective study techniques.

In short, intensive remedial courses at the end of the course can be a very useful tool for those students who need extra support to consolidate their knowledge and improve their academic performance. Don’t wait any longer and sign up for our remedial courses at TutorASAP!

private classes

365 support

tailor-made school support service

With Apoyo 365 you have more than just a tutor in your home, online or wherever you want. You have a team of teachers, psychologists, pedagogues and educational engineers whenever you need them.

An educational coordinator will review your children’s needs and take care of them 100%. Our goal is to take care of your children’s education so you can enjoy them in your free time.

advantages of our private lessons

flexible hours

Our private classes are adapted to the student's needs, allowing for more comfortable and flexible schedules.

Increased attention and follow-up

As the teaching is individualized, the teacher can pay more attention to each student and follow his or her progress more closely.


Online or home tutoring allows the student to receive instruction in his or her own home, avoiding travel and saving time and money.


Each student has specific needs, and private classes allow the teacher to adapt the content and pace of learning to the individual needs of each student.

Increased motivation

By receiving personalized teaching, the student feels more motivated and committed to learning, which translates into improved academic results.

Increased efficiency

By being able to focus on the areas in which the student has the greatest difficulties, private tutoring is often more effective than large group instruction.

High performance group courses

learn as a team

At TutorASAP, we are aware that many times students need more personalized instruction, but our high-performance group classes have very interesting advantages that are worth highlighting.

Here are some of the advantages of our group academic tutoring classes:

live a unique team experience!

Our group tutoring classes offer instruction tailored to the needs of each student, encourage collaborative learning and motivate students to continue working and improving their skills. Don’t wait any longer and join our tutoring groups at TutorASAP!

These are some of the advantages of our academic tutoring group classes:

Collaborative learning

In group classes, students can interact with each other and learn collaboratively, which can be very enriching for their learning process.


Interaction with other students and teamwork can help improve motivation and interest in learning.

Adapted Education

In our group classes, the teacher adapts the teaching to the needs of each student, which allows us to work more effectively in the areas that present the greatest difficulties.

Lower cost

Group classes are usually more economical than private classes, which allows access to quality education at a lower price.

Company of other students

Group classes can be very beneficial for those students who need to share experiences with other classmates and feel that they are not alone in their learning process.

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