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ib, igcse & a-level

Three types of courses for your needs

During the school break at TutorASAP we believe that this is the time for our students to make more effort than ever and not to put aside all the learning they have done so far.

In fact, with this current situation we refuse to be inactive, avoiding starting all over again. It is time for our students to assimilate concepts and be truly prepared for that future they have always dreamed of with our Intensive Courses.

We have three types of intensive courses that you can combine as and when you want.

High Performance

you decide which course you prefer


Internal Assessment o Extended Essay support

We will help you with your Internal Assessment, Extended Essay and Personal Statement in the IB International Baccalaureate system. The R&D course is designed by our educational engineers who will apply our T.E.O. algorithm to achieve high performance teaching.

2 weeks duration of 60 hours in total to achieve the objectives.


Review 3 subjects with more classmates in just 30 hours

Students choose 3 subjects of their choice from their A-LEVELS and/or IGCSE. We prepare any subject from any Examination Board such as Edexcel (Pearson), Cambridge (CIE) or AQA.

Students will choose three subjects with a duration of 10 teaching hours each.

We will run workshops to teach planning and study skills useful in their future.


Tell us what you need, we'll help you as much as you need

Whatever it is, we design it for you. A personalised 10-hour course with a private tutor according to your needs and objectives. Tell us about your case and we will get down to work to create a project with a name and surname. Remember that we work on any system and we help you prepare for any examination board, project, access exam… Whatever you are looking for, we have it!

Have your intensive group course:


The summer bootcamp with our star tutors that you can do from anywhere!

It’s the splash of the summer, and it’s just around the corner! 
Don’t wait any longer and book your place now on our summer courses for IB, MYP, IGCSE and A-LEVELS students.

Do you need to revise a subject over the summer, do you have an exam to make up, would you like to prepare for your next year or for university? 

4 personalised courses, click here to find out which one is right for you!

June, July and August


Join our specialised intensive courses for IB, MYP, IGCSE and A-level students. We are the boost needed for students who are struggling with a subject or project (Internal Assessment, Extended Essay and more) and require preparation for their official exams.

– Development of the Internal Assessment and Extended Essay
– Review of the complete syllabus.
– Preparation of Personal Statement.

December and January


SPRING INTENSIVE COURSES are designed to help IGCSE, A-LEVELS and IB students with subject revision, exam preparation or their most difficult projects, be it Internal Assessment (IA) or Theory of Knowledge (T.O.K.), mock exams (mocks) to make up subjects, and more.

At TutorASAP we prevent our students from deviating from their academic path when it is the most decisive moment: what happens now will define their future. We will do everything we can to help them become star students.

March, April and May



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