Characteristics of International Baccalaureate Teachers

Thanks to the international baccalaureate (IB), as we have mentioned in some of our previous posts, students learn to be more reflexive, self-taught, demanding, empathic, etc. To be able to acquire all this knowledge, undoubtedly, one of the keys in this model of teaching are the teachers.

Educators of this international system must meet specific requirements to complete the demanding objectives of this baccalaureate. In fact, in 2013, researchers Liz Bergeron and Michael Dean, together with the Global Research Department of the international baccalaureate, conducted a study that determined the characteristics that teachers should meet if they wanted to impart this educational model. 3,184 IB teachers took part in it and serves as a guide and evaluation system to determine what type of teacher is appropriate and the profile required to teach in this model.

Some characteristics of international baccalaureate teachers

Before mentioning some singularities of the educators, it is necessary to take into account that the clear objective is that to study, the IB allows the students to construct their personal and cultural identities. To meet this goal, we will point out the characteristics that must be met by teachers.

  • International mentality: they are educators who must think in global. The vast majority of students are preparing to enter the best universities in the world and it is the role of the teacher to transmit ideas and values on aspects at an international level. They should encourage and foster intercultural understanding.
  • Flexibility: without a doubt, a fundamental aspect to be able to give the international baccalaureate. Classes are dynamic and the educator cannot be strict in his methodology. The idea is that students acquire many of their knowledge through the experiences, debates and dynamism of the class.
  • Open mentality: if one of the objectives of this educational system is to generate students who are tolerant, self-critical, capable of reasoning, etc. Teachers should be guides and referents in this regard. They have to be open minded and project to their students that this ability will allow them in the future to adapt better to their environment.
  • Creative: students in this model, in addition to other skills, develop their creativity and imagination. Educators are those who should encourage and foster in them the capacity to create, innovate or experiment. Teachers must be creative to mold the subjects and topics to each class. Technological tools will serve as innovative support.
  • Integral Educators of the student: besides the skills and abilities that they have to teach their students. We must not forget that in this educational system we try to train responsible people, empathic, teamwork, etc. Values are not only important at academic level, but also at a personal level.

These are some of the characteristics required to be able to teach the international Baccalaureate. Some centers are specialized to obtain a certificate that proves that these conditions are fulfilled. At Camilo José Cela University, they have designed an International Education Expert in line with the IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning of the International Baccalaureate Organization. This certificate helps to develop the professional performance of the teacher, as it promotes the skills that are demanding.

Teachers of TutorAsap

In tutorAsap we are pleased to offer our students a team of 240 professionals. Each one of them is a specialist in their subject and can adequately solve the doubts that the students have. They are not only experts in their subjects, but also fulfill many of the characteristics mentioned above. We have good educators, self-demanding and with new study methodologies.