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In TutorASAP we are not like the Grinch, we love Christmas and that’s why one more year we want to see you in our INTENSIVE CHRISTMAS COURSES.

Sign up for our specialized intensive courses for IB, MYP, IGCSE and A-levels students. We are the boost that those students who have difficulties with any subject or project (Internal Assessment, Extended Essay and more) and who require preparation for their official exams from any Examination Board, be it AQA, Edexcel (Pearson), CIE (Cambridge) and more, need.

We have been helping students like you for over 20 years. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Exams!

From November 23rd to January 9th

Any subject

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official exam preparation

r+d course

This course is an update and development of the Internal Assessment and Extended Essay, typical of the IB. The course has 5 phases which consist of individual work, methodology and workshops. The student must bring prepared topics from home and the tutor will teach him/her to work and study autonomously as well as with the own projects, applying the IB rules.

This R+D course, developed for more than 20 years by our educational engineers, applies our already famous T.E.O. algorithm, our personalized teaching method where in addition to progressing in the subjects, the students improve in performance and self-learning.


The tailor made course is a one-to-one course (one student per tutor) totally tailored to reinforce the subject or subjects that the student requires. 

We will work on the subject by focusing on: 1. Developing study habits and techniques that will allow them to successfully complete the subject. 2. Promoting the security and autonomy of the students. 3. Working on the contents of the subject, paying special attention to those that make it more difficult. 4. To adjust our teaching method and the work of the contents to the characteristics of the student.

In addition, this course, being tailor-made, not only focuses on IB, MYP, IGCSE and A-levels subjects, but can also be

  • University training and reinforcement of university subjects.
  • Course of study techniques.
  • Preparation of
  • Personal Statement.
  • And more!

The mask is mandatory at all times and in all facilities.

Group classes of maximum 4 people in facilities where the capacity allows for a safety distance of more than 2m between students and tutors.

Private one-to-one classes where teacher and student will also maintain the corresponding minimum distance of 2m.

We have anti-COVID-19 material in all our facilities: masks, hydroalcoholic gel, gloves and of course non-contact infrared thermometers.

Organisation of timetables to avoid crowds: we have arranged the classes so that students and teachers coincide as little as possible with each other.

Any teacher with a symptom will not attend the classes. By protocol, the institution will be notified in advance and the centre itself will contact the students. We will follow up and reorganise the classes and assign another tutor if necessary.

Daily cleaning of the facilities, as well as frequent ventilation of the classrooms, which will preferably be open to facilitate the flow.

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