Homeschooling, an alternative to traditional education

It’s true: the first thing that comes to the vast majority of people when it comes to educating their children is choosing a school. However, this is not the only option. Little widespread in Spain, Homeschooling, is the best alternative to traditional school.

In Madrid, the pioneering academy in providing reinforcement classes to students of the International Baccalaureate, TutorAsap, offers parents the possibility of having their children attend this modality at your facilities. Yes, Yes! At your facilities. For what purpose? To be able to give your children an innovative and personalized education to achieve integral people with great knowledge.

For unbelievers, just simply a fact: “At Harvard people who have been educated at home are being handpicked” explains Irene Briones, professor at the “Universidad Complutense de Madrid” in an interview with the newspaper ABC.

Something that is not surprising considering the good results obtained by these students in their records, while highlighting for skills such as: “mental agility, great ability to deal with people, are more independent and autonomous people, have less fear of life, “as explained by the aforementioned professor.

Benefits of Homeschooling

Far from opening a debate, what they are convinced in TutorAsap is that this education system allows a freer education without prejudice.

The main benefits of this type of education are:

  • Personalized education: you can create an individualized curriculum based on your strengths and weaknesses. Parents can focus on aspects that have to improve in their children and is more focused and individualized education. All students are different and teaching everyone equally, can create restlessness and frustration in some students.
  • Relaxed and safe environment: is one of the strengths of homeschooling. Undoubtedly, this education avoids problems such as bullying in children. They will not have conflicts with other comrades and will not suffer ridicule or other discrimination.
  • The child learns at their own pace: tasks conform to the characteristics of the young. You do not have to keep up with the classroom, but your pace is marked by your skills and needs. This allows you to learn much better.
  • Cost savings: Parents saves money in transportation, dining, school fees and uniforms. Obviously, you have to buy school supplies for this education, but those who practice this modality consider that the costs are much lower than if they enrolled the child in a school.
  • Learning is fun: Usually, this educational option focuses on education from the point of view of experience and fun. The child learns through questions and activities. Tasks are not only limited to learning a specific topic, but you can organize excursions and activities to teach the student different subjects.


One of the aspects that has always characterized this academy with more than 20 years of experience is innovation. If their students achieve excellent results is because they have professors specialized in international education, but also has an innovative vision of education, with constant internal training and making classes are fun and enjoyable. Purpose? Let the student feel motivated.

And that motivation is the basis for every student to learn. Aspects that they transfer in their service of Homeschooling, whose students realize in the installations of TutorAsap, but in which they feel like in their own home thanks to:

  • Cozy facilities: it is essential for the student to feel good. They have the latest technologies and apply such outstanding methodologies as the Montessori method, where the student is the protagonist of their learning.
  • Motivated teachers: because for the student to be motivated, the teacher must be too. In addition, they make all students feel comfortable.
  • Socialization and autonomy: are two of the characteristics acquired by students who perform Homeschooling with TutorAsap, something that will not only serve them personally, but also professional.

Would you like to have more information about this type of education? Enter the website of TutorAsap or call 911 274 432. Give your children the opportunity to learn in an innovative and effective environment