At T.E.O. School we run workshops that provide a co-curricular experience for our students​

MoMA, also known as the Museum of Modern Art, has launched a series of very interesting and prestigious courses free of charge for any art lover. As we have many art students, we have encouraged them to take advantage of this opportunity and complement their training. Why? We believe that an excellent education is formed not only inside the classroom, but also outside, investigating and studying reality and all that it has to offer.

These MoMA online workshops are a fantastic opportunity to delve into art specialities from a totally professional point of view. MoMA is one of the most prestigious museums in the USA and one of the largest in the country. With the function of globalising art and providing fast, safe (from home) and enriching access to it, these courses are a unique opportunity not to be missed.

These courses do NOT require any prerequisites or specific prior training in art, and although they are taught in English, they offer subtitles in other languages (including Spanish). They are totally free, but if you wish to have an official certificate at the end of the course stating that you have completed the course, you must pay between 25 and 45 euros.

Design is everything in the world of fashion. In this course you will learn how important some clothes are in relation to design, the history of fashion design, experiences and statements of the most important designers, and so on.

You will get to know the MoMA’s collection of photographs, understanding this art as an artistic expression and seeing in depth all the stages and phases involved in each visual creation. 180 years of history in an interesting and exciting course.

What is modern art? You will analyse the definition of this art through the most important works produced from the 1980s to the present day, in great detail. A journey through time that is inspiring to say the least.

This course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about modern and contemporary art. During the five-week course, art is explored through a variety of blocks: ‘Places and Spaces’, ‘Art and Identity’, ‘Transformation of Everyday Objects’ and ‘Art and Society’.

Learn about the tools for teaching modern and contemporary art.

Learn all about abstract painting, its history, language and meaning from the ground up. With this course you can explore this type of art and even learn how to make your own abstract paintings.

This course is ideal for teachers of art students at IGCSE, A-LEVEL and IB where art is investigated in terms of its teaching in classrooms, museums and how to deepen the concepts to engage students.

If you are interested, you have more info in the culture portal CULTURA INQUIETA, a wonderful website full of news, articles and curiosities about culture that you can't miss.

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