Coronavirus: What’s going on with IGCSE and A-LEVELS?

Due to coronavirus situation, the British education system has cancelled all the AS, IGCSE and A-LEVELS exams. This hard decision has made by the closure of schools, high schools and all campus, so now parents, teachers and students share the same question: what’s going to happen now?

All the final marks will depend on the students previous results before Coronavirus

After the last news, we know that teachers must mark students with previous classes and exams that they had before the Coronavirus crisis. However, this decision hasn’t been very well received by the pupils, who affirm that maybe the teachers subjective view or some bad marks in the past can affect their final results.

For this reason, institutions have created a more specific guide, although this guide is based on the same decision: all the final marks will depend on the students previous results before Coronavirus. That includes: exams, group and individual workshops, essays and more. All these marks will confirm the final results. Moreover, they include in the guide that teachers will keep in mind other external causes, like the inaccessibility of some students in the correct tracing of the academic year.

The results’ deadline will be in first half of the month and each education board will confirm each pupil’s marks. There will be an agreement assessing all the factors. For example, they will consider all the countries marks and will analyse them.

Finally, pupils will know A-LEVELS results on August 13th and GCSE results on August 20th. They could also review their marks in autumn or in the next summer.