Do you feel you can really express yourself through art?

Do you see the world differently than those around you? Do you see beauty where others do not? Do you think and breathe like an artist? Do you feel like you are missing an arm when you are not near your sketchbook, pencils or paintbrush? Are you always looking for the next concept or theme to recreate on paper, canvas or clay/plaster?

Does little else interest you, but you know you have to finish school before you can devote your life to art? Do you feel school gets in the way of you pursuing your passion for creativity?

Do you find that opportunities to improve your painting, drawing or sculpting techniques are limited by both time – constraints of the school day and your homework commitments – as well as availability? Maybe you have outgrown all there is available in school and your local area; maybe you are just ready to take your art
to the next level? But… you have to finish school before you can move on to that next level…

With our STUDY-ART programme at TutorASAP, you do not need to wait! You can make art your priority AND achieve academic excellence. We are one of very few schools in the world that ensure you realise your potential – both in art and academically. We use the British and international education system: see this page
for more information on the academics.

We are the premier high-performance education centre in Spain and we offer the ultimate in bespoke learning. We have a very close collaboration with a prestigious art school in Madrid where you will be immersed in order to develop your talent – be that contemporary art or traditional; we organise all your other education around this. We plan and arrange everything for you, according to your specific and individual needs.

Your art technique is nurtured and developed – all with the scaffold of an excellent academic education. You can have it all! Get in touch so we can start making your dream a reality!

we love art!