Is your passion music and only music? Do you live, breathe and love music with every fibre of your being?

Are you the next Jennifer Koh? Or maybe the next Jon Batiste or Lydian Nadhaswaram? Or maybe you are simply "you", gifted in your gender and destined to share your talent with the world.

Are you sometimes told, ‘you can do music anytime – focus on school’? Or do you often find yourself trying to squeeze in music between school and homework obligations, leaving little time to practise?

With our STUDY-MUSIC programme at TutorASAP, you do not need to neglect anything – we are one of very few schools in the world that ensure you realise your potential – both musically and academically. We use the British and international education system: see this page for more information on the academics.

At TutorASAP, you can make music your priority AND achieve academic excellence. We are the premier high-performance education centre in Spain that offers the ultimate in bespoke learning. We have close collaborations with the most prestigious music academies in the region where you will develop your talent and we organise your academic studies around this. We plan and arrange everything for you, according to your specific and individual needs.

Your musical dream is nurtured with the scaffold of an excellent academic education. You can have it all! Get in touch so we can start making your dream a reality!




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