Benefits of receiving extra-scholar support

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There are many studies that have shown students receiving out-of-school support classes increase performance by as much as 70%. Throughout this article, we will list the main advantages of receiving this type of classes. At AtutorAsap, we are very involved in offering the preparation and support to help our students achieve their International Baccalaureate.

Benefits of out-of-school support in International Baccalaureate

There is the mistaken belief that reinforcement classes are only for those students who have difficulties in class and yet are also advisable for students wishing to obtain a better qualification and learning new methods of study.

One of the key points is that in support classes, unlike ordinary classes, learning is personalized. It is demonstrated that tutorials individualized or with classes of few students, manage to respond to the needs of each student. The teacher can focus on the difficulties of each student and, therefore, follow in a more comprehensive way their training.

At TutorAsap we have a total of 240 teachers who can teach the course from our study center, but also and aware of the importance of personalized tutoring, we offer the possibility that the professor teaches the class in the student’s home. This creates an atmosphere of greater confidence and comfort. The teacher will be able to focus on their weaknesses and build a solid base of confidence to get the best performance out of their strengths.

Extracurricular support professionals in the International Baccalaureat

In order to reinforce what has been learned in class, it is essential that those who teach these reinforcement classes are well trained. Therefore, teacher training is essential, as it must have a high knowledge of the subjects it imparts.

In addition, it must provide the students with a full confidence to solve all the doubts and academic questions that arise. In TutorAsap, having more than 240 professionals, each teacher is specialized in their subject matter, being able to solve the doubts that are presented to the student in the different subjects.

Undoubtedly, our teachers can be a great help and support to get the International Baccalaureate. At TutorAsap we are pleased to be able to offer academic support based on new technologies and from our online platform, in addition to face-to-face support, the student can have a direct contact with his teacher, reviewing the projects and the work of the course. Therefore, teachers are also very prepared and involved with new technologies.

New study methodologies

Another strength of having this extracurricular support is the possibility of applying new habits of study and learning. These new techniques of memorization and study can serve you throughout your life and for it will be very important to teach them in a patient and adequate way, as they can be a great tool to work.

In TutorAsap, offering classes to support the International Baccalaureate (which demands a disciplined and rigorous student profile) we do our teaching with different techniques in which teachers provide their students with different tools and the students themselves learn how to use them. In this way, they will develop a more critical, creative and reflective character.

There are numerous advantages of giving out-of-school support classes. In fact, in different countries of the world they consider it of such importance, that from the own governments they finance this type of classes, by means of scholarships or aid. This is the case, for example, of France, where they deduct in the income of each year the parents who choose this type of classes for their children.

From TutorAsap, we are very committed and involved in helping and being the complement in the education of your children. We invite you to visit our website in which to obtain more information about the mission and vision of our academy, as well as our methodology and way of working.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]