The task of the teacher in the classroom is not always simple. There are many students and personalities in the class and getting to all is an arduous job. In order to be able to transmit and teach content well, educators must seek new formulas to reach students.An appropriate skill that teachers can develop is creativity. A creative teacher is the best stimulus for his students and possessing this value brings benefits both for the students and for the educator himself or herself.


Advantages of being a creative teacher

  • The creative teacher approaches problems as a challenge to try out new experiences.
  • It has a mindset open to changes and unexpected situations.
  • Typically, these types of teachers identify more with the students and are more empathetic, knowing their skills, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Tries to question the why of things and that also transmits this to his or her students, encouraging them to be rational and critical people.
  • It creates a kind of an environment of trust in the classroom to encourage more creativity and innovation.

All these advantages are those that can be obtained if the teacher is able to develop this ability. InTutorAsap y como academia que ayuda a obtener el exigente certificado del bachillerato internacional (IB), contamos con docentes que poseen esta cualidad ya que es uno de los requisitos más importantes y demandados en los profesores que enseñan el IB.

Basic tools for the creative teacher

To foster this creativity in themselves and in the students, teachers can use different technological tools, encouraging innovation among students.

  • GoAnimate: is an animated video editor which can make animated characters and dialogue with their stories. There is the option of having the school open an account on this platform and can be used by all teachers at the school.
  • Youtube Teachers: This version of youtube where teachers and students can search for videos that are related to the subject they are learning in class. This tool makes it easier to search for specific videos more quickly and effectively.
  • Pixton: is a tool for creating comics in class. Itisan ideal resourceforcreatingworkmaterials.
  • Socrative: it is like a virtual classroom. The teacher through this platform can upload notes, launch tasks or share with the students, files that are related to the subject teaching in the class. In this tool the students can also respond to the questionnaires and therefore, it becomes an ideal resource to establish an immediate feedback between the teacher and the student.
  • Mindmeister: is a tool to make mind maps to structure and organize ideas. In addition, it facilitates students to organize their ideas and have a more schematic view of what has been learned.
  • Easy Mental Blocks or Idea Generator: are two tools very similar to the previous one in which students are encouraged to share their ideas and organize.
  • Google Art Project:is a tool that works like a virtual museum of all museums in the world. Therefore, the students can know the most important works of art and sculptures on the planet from the same classroom.

These tools facilitate the teacher their work and generate interest in students for innovation and new technologies. The use of ICT makes students motivated and have a more critical and rational spirit. The fundamental thing is that the teacher projects in their students that creativity is a value that helps to learn the knowledge from a more innovative and original perspective.