The perfect work-life balance can be difficult to achieve.

When your job requires you to work frequently in different regions or countries, it can be even more difficult. When you have a family, this adds an extra level of complexity to the situation: either you miss life with them or they travel with you.

Although having your children travel with you seems like the ideal situation, there are numerous studies that show that frequent moves in childhood can lead to lower confidence and academic achievement, as well as reduced well-being in adulthood. This is thought to be because children have to attend new schools each time they move and have to re-build friendships, pick up a different curriculum and, effectively, start from scratch in each location.

At TutorASAP we can offer a continuous, bespoke education from wherever you are in the world. It is this continuity that will alleviate the associated problems of children frequently changing schools. Students with us at TutorASAP can continue with the same courses from wherever they may be and, come exam season, these can take place in one of our partner examination centres worldwide. Travelling back and forth between countries and regions has no impact on the student’s education whatsoever as the classes, teachers and classmates are the same whether online (remote learning) or in-person on campus. Relationships are built and maintained, over the long term.

Your child is a part of TutorASAP, wherever they may be in the world. Being a part of TutorASAP means being part of the family – your child will be allocated a TutorASAP counsellor with whom they will form a strong relationship and where open communication is encouraged to ensure that any concerns – minor or major – are dealt with before they become barriers to learning. At any point, students can join in with the in-person lessons on campus with the same teachers and classmates they have worked with all along or take part in any catch-up courses, e.g. in the holidays.

There are many jobs that call for parents to have to travel but also, with remote working much more of a viable option for many, post-pandemic, parents now have more opportunities to choose where they work from – you could say goodbye to grey, city-living and work from a beach in a sunnier clime and all while the children receive a continuous, bespoke education with us at TutorASAP.

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