Our psychotherapy department carries out a complete and very personal process with the students to help them decide about their futures. We have our own process in which we analyse their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their interests and personalities. The choice of university is one of the most crucial decisions in the life of the student, so we take into consideration all the nuances.

However, our counselling doesn’t stop there. In TutorASAP we also take care of managing, together with the students, their university applications: from writing recommendations and letters of encouragement, to the application process itself. At TutorASAP we make sure that the students are able to go wherever they’ve dreamt of.

This counselling is included in our schooling.


In TutorASAP we are committed to getting our students into the best universities around the world, to giving them that ability to decide. With our university counselling we don’t just do everything possible to improve their grades and furnish them with special competences for their university and working lives, we also work with the students to help them discover what and where to study.


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