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summer camps for ib, pre-ib, igcse & a-level

Come and enjoy our summer camp!

We have the widest range of camps to complement a summer full of unforgettable experiences, in addition to reviewing all the necessary subjects or doing those Internal Assessment that can mark a before and after on your way to university.

Programming, nature excursions, filmmaking, paddle tennis, football, exercise, video games and much more. Our courses are taught by the best international tutors, trained, specialised and with several years of experience.

You decide!

Do your internal assessment or revise any subject!


Our academic courses have been helping students from all over the world achieve their dreams since 1997.

Do you need to make up a subject, brush up on last year, lay the foundations for the future or even do your IB projects? Done! Just select the course that suits you best.

You can also complement the course with any of the following for a unique summer.



Did you know that in this course each student will have two teachers? We will help them with their Internal Assessment, Extended Essay and Personal Statement in the IB International Baccalaureate system.  The R&D course is designed by our educational engineers who will apply our T.E.O. algorithm to achieve high performance teaching. What does it consist of?

6 students maximum in each course to strengthen their autonomy, teamwork and leadership skills.

2 weeks of 60 hours in total to achieve the objectives. 

There will be 6 phases of different methodologies so that our students can reach their maximum potential.

Maximum protection and security measures if they choose the classroom mode.

1. Selection of the topic

2. Planning and timing

3. Theoretical framework

4. Data collection and processing

5. Resolution of the problem

6. Topic

use our lab!

toolbox course

reviews the syllabus of any subject

In these summer courses, students choose 3 subjects of their choice from the IB or MYP system. To do this, we review the syllabus of the previous course and prepare for the next one… How do we do it?

Students will choose three subjects with a duration of 10 teaching hours each.

We will conduct workshops to teach planning and study skills useful in IB exams.

We will motivate their emotional side by helping them with stress management and learning self-evaluation.

We will create a valuable foundation for the next school year. They will be able to stay one step ahead and nothing will be a “don’t ring a bell”.

combo course

we combine the best of both courses

Two intensive weeks where we will help students develop the Internal Assessment, Extended Essay and Personal Statement, as well as review and prepare three subjects from their school year and outline the next academic year. The benefits?all of them. It is a complete 360º high performance training course.


your tailor-made course

What do you want? Whatever it is, we design it for you. A personalised 10-hour course with a private tutor according to your needs and objectives. Tell us about your case and we will get down to work to make a project with a name and surname. Remember that we work on any system and we help you to prepare for any examination board, project, access exam… Whatever you are looking for, we have it!

Whatever you are worried about, get in touch with us and we’ll get started!




The continuous changes and evolution of the world make technology essential. In this course our students can choose between the most demanded technological branches for their future.

They will learn the necessary tools according to their level, you can start from scratch or, if your child has intermediate notions, move on to the more complex part of the course.

The future is now!



Summer and sport have always gone hand in hand.

With our sports courses you will not only review the subjects you need, but you will also have the opportunity to take part in one of our sports activities with professional instructors.

Both TutorASAP and LMI College promote our values within sport, we are committed to a healthy lifestyle.

A summer without sport is no summer at all!



We are lucky to be in one of the European capitals with more history and cultural value, let’s get to know Madrid together!

At both TutorASAP and LMI we help our students with activities that complement their curriculum and motivations. Observing culture helps them to understand the world around them in their daily lives and to have an innovative mindset.

Culture is an eye-opener!

Select the camps that interest you!