Rugby is your life, your one true passion.

Those who don’t play rugby, don’t understand. The feeling you have when your match is about to kick off – the butterflies in your stomach, the excitement, anticipation. It’s like going into battle – is your body ready? Is your mind focussed? You know you’re good enough to be the next Dan Carter, Maro Itoje or Owen Farrell – you just have to keep strong, focussed and hungry.

You are probably training in the evenings mid-week and training or playing matches at the weekend. This, as well as fitness training, may now be impacting on the time you have for school work; maybe you are beginning to feel that school is getting on top of you as you don’t have the time to devote to it, or maybe you just feel school is getting in the way of you investing as much time as you’d like to improving your rugby skills.

You have exams looming but your rugby career is on the verge of taking off. Even though you only want to play rugby and train, deep down you know you have to get your qualifications too – it’s not something you want to think about now but, one day, you may need to fall back on your education. You know you probably shouldn’t sacrifice your education to develop just your rugby and fitness but you definitely don’t want to sacrifice your rugby, either.

With our STUDY-RUGBY programme at TutorASAP, you don’t need to sacrifice anything – you can make rugby your priority AND achieve academic excellence. We are one of very few schools in the world that ensure you realise your potential – both in sport and academically. We use the British and international education system: see this page for more information on the academics.

We are the premier high-performance education centre in Spain and we offer the ultimate in bespoke learning. We have close collaborations with the most prestigious rugby clubs in the region in order to develop your rugby talent, then we organise all your education needs around this. If you are already involved with or assigned to a club, we can build your bespoke education around your existing training hours: you can be tutored from home, online, in-person at one of our centres or wherever suits you, at a time that suits you – no more exhausted days in school after a night training, no more arriving to training already tired from a full day or week at school – we do what works for you. We plan and arrange everything for you, according to your specific and individual needs.

Your rugby skills are developed and grown by the best in the business and you get an excellent academic education for life after sport. You can have it all!

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