Prepare your PCEs and get access to any university in Spain!

Prepare for success in your university studies in Spain with our intensive preparation courses for the UNED’s Pruebas de Competencias Específicas (PCEs)!

Welcome to your bridge to higher education in Spain. Our Preparation for Specific Competence Tests (PCE) courses are designed specifically for international students like you, who aspire to continue their education at Spanish universities. These tests are essential to assess your knowledge and skills in specific areas, ensuring that you are fully prepared for the Spanish education system. With our programme, we provide you with all the tools and support you need to successfully pass the PCE.

Do you have doubts about the PCE?

The PCE tests are structured in specific areas according to the student’s field of study and educational background, covering sciences, social sciences, humanities, and languages. They are designed to assess the skills and knowledge necessary for the Spanish education system, adapting to the requirements of each university. Preparation includes up-to-date materials and personalised follow-up, with a focus on maximising the student’s performance for admission to the desired career.

What can you expect from our intensive courses?

Our PCE preparation courses are aimed at international students seeking access to university in Spain, including those coming from education systems within the EU or countries with reciprocity agreements, as well as students with homologable foreign baccalaureate. We ensure a comprehensive preparation adapted to the needs of each educational profile, facilitating the transition to the Spanish university system.

Comprehensive preparation:

We cover all subject areas and skills required in PCEs, from common subjects to those specific to your area of interest.

Specialised Teachers:

We have a team of highly qualified professionals who are experienced in preparing students for university entrance exams in Spain.

Up-to-date teaching materials:

We use up-to-date teaching resources adapted to the needs of international students to ensure effective and relevant preparation.

Personalised support:

We offer individualised monitoring of each student, providing guidance and ongoing support to maximise their academic performance.

Time flexibility:

Our courses are designed to suit your schedule and specific needs, allowing you to study effectively without compromising your other responsibilities.