Every child deserves a healthy, happy and fulfilling childhood.

There may be times in your child's life when he or she faces difficult challenges, perhaps related to physical or mental health, or when he or she struggles at school because of bullying.

At TutorASAP we can tailor a curriculum to suit your child and match the vital attention they may need to overcome any difficulties they are having.

With TutorASAP your child can thrive in our caring and nurturing environment – an environment that cannot always be provided in conventional schools; here, children feel safe and understood. We work with parents and outside agencies to ensure the right balance of education, whether it be face-to-face classes (individual or small group classes), online classes or perhaps a mixture of both or perhaps a much more gradual reintroduction of education is needed. Each child is assigned an Education Coordinator with whom they will establish a close relationship and with whom open communication will be encouraged to ensure that any problems, whether minor or major, are dealt with before they become an obstacle to learning or growth.

If school has become too much of a burden for your child while you are dealing with other issues, or perhaps school is the cause of the problem, your child can get the help and guidance they need while still having access to an excellent education.

We are tremendously proud to have had many success stories, where some pupils, who thought that surviving was all they could do, have come out the other side healthy, happy and more confident, with a full set of qualifications, ready to take the next steps in their youth.

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