Is dance your life, your passion?

You see an open space and want to fill it with movement?
Do you feel the music in your body, not just hear it?
Music forces you to move!

Is your dream to make dance your lifelong career? To be, perhaps one day, a principal dancer in a major dance company?

Do you find that opportunities to improve your dance technique are limited by the constraints of the school day and homework commitments? Are there few opportunities for you to develop and grow as a dancer? Are you ready to develop and grow as a dancer, or have you outgrown the classes available? Or maybe you are ready to move on to the next level? But… you have to finish school before you can move on to the next level?

With our STUDY-DANCE programme from TutorASAP, you don’t have to wait. You can make dance your priority AND achieve academic excellence. We are one of the few schools We are one of the few schools in the world that makes sure you realise your potential – both in dance and academically. We use the British and international education system: see this page for more information on the academic system.

We are the first high-performance educational centre in Spain and offer the ultimate in tailor-made learning. We have close collaborations with the most prestigious dance schools and academies in the region – both contemporary and classical – where you will be immersed to develop your talent, we organise all your training around this. We plan and organise everything for you, according to your specific and individual needs.

Your dance dream is nurtured and built – all with the scaffolding of an excellent academic education. You can have it all! Get in touch so we can start making your dream come true!




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