What makes our Private Tutoring special?

    Our Philosophy 

    At  TutorASAP, we provide quality education and assistance for all students. We think that ib schools program is very important for the development of the students but often is not enough and the students need a private tutoring.
    It is our belief that all children can learn and it is our mission to create life-long learners. We seek to capture the individual spirit and wonder of learning in each student and help them to nurture it through to fruition.
    We believe that this, coupled with hard work, dedication, skill, and persistency on our part, will help each child to reach their goals and develop a lifelong love of knowledge. Above all, we know that good education starts with the heart and we seek to envelop each child with our own love of teaching and dedication to higher learning. We strive to focus on achieving the best results and make our customer the priority. We have no contracts, low rates, and the first trial session is free if you don’t believe our tutoring will work for you.We care about our students and show it. We always interact in a warm and friendly way before, during and after sessions. Engage the student by demonstrating genuine interest. Our tutors do their best to treat each child as if she were your only student.


    Senior Tutoring (18+)

    TutorASAP is one of the few offering  university and post graduate private tutoring

    If you require a University Tutor for one-on-one private home tuition and can find a Tutor on your specialized field, TutorASAP can help.  We also assist University students with GAMSAT , SELECTIVIDAD,TOEFEL,SAT Test preparation.

    TutorASAP has Maths tutors that can provide one-on-one tutoring in the comfort and safety of your own home. Our University tutors are carefully chosen post graduates that are experts in their fields of whether it is in the field of Electronics, Engineering or Statistics.

    Each student is assessed by our tutors to determine the student’s strengths, weaknesses and capabilities at their current Degree year level. The tutor then tailors their weekly tuition approach to help the student bridge their learning gaps and/or extend their subject learning capabilities.

    Our tutors will also assist students with assignments and exam preparation for mid-year and end of year exams.

    We provide home private tutoring services with experienced tutors in all subjects to help with your tutoring needs

    Junior tutoring 3 to 18

    Improve Your Grades or Get Expert Test Preparation with Private Tutoring

    We would like to invite you to the TutorASAP program. We offer a free consultation and go beyond regular tutoring services with ongoing assessments for things such as science homework help, math homework help, and all other k-12 subjects.. Our curriculum is as follows:

    Consultation and Assesment

    First, we meet with the student and parent(s) to ascertain school attitudes, preferred learning style and any specific obstacles as well as how to improve grades. We also assess the student in the particular subject-area of concern. This allows us to identify a base-line for evaluation of the program’s effectiveness this allowing your child to get better grades.

    Plan Implementation

    Based on the results of the consultation and assessment, a plan is recommended. Curriculum is designed with the specific student in mind, resulting in a personalized study plan. We continually check-in with the student and parent(s) to ensure satisfaction with the program.


    After approximately 10 sessions, the student is re-assessed and the program effectiveness evaluated. Modifications and appropriate adjustments are made, if needed. The program repeats until the educational goal is achieved. 


    How often does my chiled need private tutoring?

    We recommend a minimum of 3 hours of tutoring a week with a private tutor. Anything less than that is generally ineffective. The more hours your child spends with one of our private tutors, the faster they will catch up and no longer need tutoring services. For students who are literally failing subject, plan on three to four hours a week of intense private tutoring. There are no contracts of any kind.

    The length of time your child will require private tutoring is highly dependent on the student’s need, abilities and how far they are behind when we start working with them. On average, most of our clients tutor with our company four to six months. Keep in mind, contracting for more hours initially, may save you money in the long run because your student will catch up faster.

    What is the private tutoring price?

    We strive to charge the lowest tutoring rates while providing the highest rates of tutoring service, We offer various tutoring packages based on the amount of hours you contract for each month. Our hourly rates drop the more hours you pre-purchase or if you have more than one child. The rates generally increase for more difficult subject matter and decrease for group sessions. Please fill up the online form and we send the information in less than 48 hours.

    How do you ensure quality tutors?

    Almost all of our tutors are state certified teachers or college educated students with a gift for teaching. They know their subject matter well and have an easy time relating to others. If at any time you are dissatisfied with your tutor for any reason, we will immediately substitute that teacher for one that better meets your requirements.

    How do you screen your tutors?

    Tutors go through a rigorous training and screening process through our tutoring employment department. We run multiple criminal background checks on all of our tutors and require proof of transcripts or college degrees.

    What if I don’t want the tutor to come to my home?

    No problem. We will tutor anywhere you want us to tutor, as long as it is a safe place for our tutors. We do require that an adult chaperone be present for all tutoring sessions.

    I have multiple children who need tutoring,do you offer discounts?

    Yes. Call our office for details. But we try and make tutoring rates reasonable for larger families.