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Application Instructions: After we receive your application, you will get a phone call for an interview. If you are not applying to any particular ad we will keep your application file until we find a client in your area. You will then get a phone call and be ready to start.

What are the ADVANTAGES of becoming a tutor at TutorASAP?

Pay scales are based on degree status, certification, and experience teaching and tutoring. Educational Specialists receive advanced compensation as their experience and credentials grow!

Flexible Schedules

Multiple tutoring and teaching opportunities are available to fit your individual schedule.


Convenient Locations

Sessions take place at local schools, public and campus libraries, or student’s homes and are scheduled to minimize the instructor’s need to travel.


Resume Builder

Accumulate the experience and job continuity that is essential to building a sought after resume. Build your people skills, academic abilities and confidence! Illustrate your creativity and dedication through persistent, yet varied job performance requirements and skills. Acquire great references from TutorASAP, clients and students!


No Self-Marketing

Let TutorASAP do the work! We will contract clients and students, arrange for services, negotiate terms, advertise, promote YOU and much more! Save your time, energy and money and spend your time doing what you love most – working with students!


Fluent In English Language ( Minimum First Certificate)
A 3.0 or higher is required. Certification or transcripts from college are required.Availability to instruct multiple sessions per week or to work in designated areas.Motivation: A genuine commitment and desire to assist young people in achieving academic excellence and working towards their goals.Character: An ability to be a strong role model and mentor.Attitude: A professional, mature, responsible and positive demeanor.Responsibilities: Conscientious completion of tasks reserved for Educational Specialists including: preparing for all sessions and arriving promptly, accurate, thoughtful and timely completion of records, and timely responses to phone messages and e-mails.Professionalism: To be a positive representative of TutorASAP and reflect our values and beliefs. Strive to improve and enhance your teaching methodologies and love the children you teach. Be a person we can all admire and who children will aspire to be.Desire: A desire to make learning fun, interactive and rewarding!Become a tutor today! Send us your CV Now!

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