Online courses for A-Level & GCSE

For A-Level & GCSE

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We are experts in Edexcel (Pearson), AQA and Cambridge (CIE)

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What are our courses?

These are intensive courses that we give in summer for students of the prestigious international and British systems: IB, MYP, IGCSE and A-LEVELS (Sixth form college) or university students. We prepare for all types of Examination Boards: Edexcel (Pearson), Cambridge (CIE), AQA and more.

What do they consist of?

We offer four types of fully customized courses: R&D, TOOLBOX, COMBO and TAILOR-MADE. We explain each of them below.

What’s the duration? 

It depends on the course and how you want it, because you choose the hours. They usually last between one and two weeks.

When can I take them? 

They’re availables from June to September.

What about schedules? 

Check with your teacher, although you can decide when it suits you best.

Where are they? 

You can do them online from home or wherever you want, even from the pool!


Students can enjoy our distance learning courses thanks to our tailor-made digital platform for a professional and close training. Perfect option for students who spend the summer away from the capital and want to prepare themselves without giving up their vacations or their dreams for the future 😉

What is your ideal course?


Review last year’s syllabus and prepare next year’s syllabus.

In these summer courses, students choose 3 subjects of their choice from their A-LEVELS and/or IGCSE. We prepare any subject of any Examination Board such as Edexcel (Pearson), Cambridge (CIE) or AQA. To do this, we review the syllabus of the previous course and prepare the next one… How do we do it?

Students will choose three subjects with a duration of 10 teaching hours each.

We will hold workshops to learn planning and study techniques.

We will motivate their emotional side by learning stress management and self-assessment.

We will create a valuable foundation for the following school year. They will be able to go one step ahead and nothing will be confusing anymore.


You design your own Tailor-Made course.

What do you want? Whatever it is, we design it for you. A personalized 10-hour course with a private tutor according to your needs and objectives. Tell us your case and we will get to work to make a personalized project. Remember that we work on any system and help you prepare for any exam board. What you are looking for, we have it!

Preparatory courses for the subject of your choice.

Pre-university training. Enter the career with ideas and basic level.  For example, courses in applied literature for university students.

Personal Statement preparation courses to make it unique.

Personalized study skills workshops.

Support classes for university subjects.

Whatever is on your mind, contact us and let’s get started!

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