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People Are at the Heart of Princeton

Princeton University is widely regarded as one of the world’s best higher education university as well as one of the oldest universities in the whole world.  Located in Princeton, New Jersey, United States, the university was originally founded as The College of New Jersey in 1746 and was renamed Princeton University in 1896 in honor of the area its located in. The university is relatively small in size with around 7,955 students currently enrolled where 12% of its students are from an international background.

The university is very successful where it has ties to more than 40 Nobel Laureates, 17 national science and 5 national humanities awards winners. Princeton University has educated president Woodrow Wilson, a hero of world war I who was considered as a pragmatic president looking to bring peace to all nations. He has formed the League of Nations in an attempt to bring nations together and have them negotiate among each other to avoid conflicts and maintain peace.  Other famous graduates include former first lady Michelle Obama and actor Jimmy Stewart.

Princeton is the 7th best university in the world according to the times higher education, the number 8 in Arts and Humanities, the 6th in Engineering & Technology, 7th in Life Sciences, 1st in Physical Sciences, 5th in Social Sciences and 12th in Computer Science. This demonstrates that Princeton not only excels as a university rankings wise, but the fact that it is rated between 1-12 best regarding all of their subjects taught demonstrate that Princeton is an all-round excellent university. The fact that the student will basically have the best of the best education when taking any subject in Princeton demonstrate the professionalism of the university, the exceptional state of the art education as well as the fact that students will be learning in a competitive and fast paced environment means that if they take full advantage of it as well as benefit from it fully, they will gain knowledge and experience that is far ahead of a typical worker’s career. Also the fact that Princeton University is a very well respected prestigious university means that any of their graduates who are in search of a job will be able to find them quite easily thanks to recognition and level of prestigious education comparable to Yale, MIT, UCL and many more.

The University has an active student life, with its sports forming a major role in student participation and activities. For example, the Princeton Tigers basketball team is one of the biggest sports teams in Princeton University who compete frequently with big universities such as the University of Los Angeles (UCLA). Princeton University has also a very competitive hockey team which also goes by the name Princeton Tigers. The Princeton Tigers hockey team has also competed with big universities such as Rutgers University or University of Alberta (Canada). Student unions and clubs are also frequent where students rejoice to brainstorm, learn together and compete with others.


The application requirements for Princeton University are very tough. Although the University tends to look more at student performance, it is without a doubt a fact that because the university is highly selective, a student must achieve above A’s in all subjects taken in A levels and American SAT’s as well as similar above excellent results in the International Baccalaureate, A-Levels (Canada), European Baccalaureate and same results in their home country’s education system. The student must then present their grade transcript to Princeton through an email, or submit their application through The Common Application, Coalition Application, Universal application if they are students within the United States. Students who are from overseas also must present their copies of documents, visas and other information issued by Princeton. The student must then wait for an offer either in the Common Application, Coalition Application or Universal Application if in the United States or they will receive a confirmation letter independently if coming from a different country with a different application system.


The fee system in Princeton University is simple yet affordable. Fees are generally to be paid in advance  before the academic year begins, and are paid annually.


The Current Fees are structured as:


  • Tuition:                                                                $49,330


  • Room charge:                                                       $9,450


  • Board rate:                                                           $6,840


  • Residential college fee:                                          $890


  • Estimated miscellaneous expenses:                        $3,500
  • Original name. The College of New Jersey; changed in 1896
  • First president. Jonathan Dickinson, who died after serving only five months
  • Current president. Shirley M. Tilghman, who became the 19th president in 2001
  • Official motto. Dei Sub Numine Viget (Under God’s Power She Flourishes)
  • Informal motto. Princeton in the Nation’s Service and in the Service of All Nations
  • Colors. Orange and black; formally adopted in 1896
  • Mascot. Tiger; emerged around 1882
  • Insignia. The shield, which derives from the official seal, is designated for more common use. It includes an open Bible with Vet Nov Testamentum, signifying both Old and New Testaments. In its lower part is a chevron, signifying the rafters of a building. The official motto is sometimes displayed on a ribbon under the shield.

What to expect?

Princeton is a small municipality town within New Jersey. It has a small population of about 31,000 people signifying it as a small city. The city is known to be a university city that houses many different institutions such as  the Institute for Advanced StudyWestminster Choir CollegePrinceton Plasma Physics LaboratoryPrinceton Theological SeminaryOpinion Research CorporationBristol-Myers SquibbSiemens Corporate ResearchSRI InternationalFMC Corporation, The Robert Wood Johnson FoundationAmrepChurch and DwightBerlitz International, and Dow Jones & Company. The municipality is best known for Princeton University, where as mentioned before, its best university and research institution.

In Princeton you will notice that due to the municipality’s small size, it is not uncommon to find familiar faces or people you have met before. This is because the town’s small size and small community allows for people to be more connected with each other, whether it is intentional or not. You will also notice that a large number of Princeton citizens are intellectuals. This is due to the fact that, as mentioned before Princeton is a municipality known for its institutions and it’s no secret that the typical Princeton citizen has attended at least one of the municipalities institutions let alone has acquired their education and degree in one of the institutions as well.

In overall when living in Princeton, expect to see many intellectuals, polite and well-mannered people as well as a city that looks very modern, clean and very presentable due to its presence of many research institutions


Places to visit:

An old 18th century house in Princeton, now a museum that displays exhibits that represent the Stockton family’s possessions including a beautiful garden. If you are a history lover looking to study the history of Princeton New Jersey, this should be your first destination.

A beautiful garden filled with birders and joggers down the soft pathways leading to more areas in this forest. If you are an avian lover, or someone who loves the breeze of forest nature, this is your number one must visit place.

A museum belonging to Princeton University, this museum houses art pieces and antiquities such as beautiful old Asian artifacts, sculptures as well as having Photographs of Princeton over many different time periods and centuries. If you love art and history, have a thought and don’t miss out on this wonderful museum.

Eating Out in Princeton, New Jersey

The American cuisine is simple, with your typical beef jerkies, barbecues and the famous New Jersey Italian cuisine, eating out in Princeton New Jersey is actually quite a nice experience. Whether it’s the morning, evening or afternoon, you will always find a local bar, restaurant and diner who will serve you with the utmost care and attention. Apart from the local Princeton Cuisine, thanks to the municipality attracting many brilliant minds from different places all over the world, you will find a range of different international cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Italian, French, Spanish, Austrian, Mexican and even Guatemalan cuisines. For example, you will be very surprised that Egyptian Halal and Ouzi (Calzoni) dishes have become common in Princeton and it is without a doubt due to the fact that Princeton has a sizeable Egyptian community that has introduced them, making them very popular. As mentioned before, the Italian American communities have introduced a wide range of popular Italian American delicacies such as Mac and Cheese, The Italian-American Pizza and the delicious pasta such as Carbonara, Pesto or Bolognese.

In overall, eating out in Princeton is one of the experiences you will like the most due to a unique variety and blend of different international cuisines, the friendly atmosphere shown by the Princeton locals and the sheer availability of restaurants, diners and bars all around the community.

Where to eat in Princeton:


One of the most unique and creative restaurants, that blend the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Scandinavian cuisines. It shows the typical international influences that are a big part of Princeton Jersey cuisine.


A delicious restaurant catered for the Mediterranean lovers. This restaurant contains a blend of unique delicious seafood, meat and Italian dishes, offering a very wide range of tasty mediteranean treats that will make your eyes melt and your heart burn with passionate fire. Served with love and care, all in a very comforting and relaxing environment.


A delicious Spanish restaurant, it serves Tapas, Pintxos and the classic Tortilla. The staff is very friendly and the people are perhaps the friendliest and most sociable in all over New Jersey. Regular Champions league, Spanish League and World Cup Soccer matches are often shown in the restaurant, so all you soccer/football fans should never miss out! A true Spanish experience



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