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A truly Nordic College

The University of Oslo is Norway’s oldest and most famous college. The university is very prestigious known for its beautiful architecture and is currently the 58th best college in the world and 135th according to the official rankings according to The Academic Ranking of World Universities organization and the 142nd best university worldwide done by the Top Universities research group. The university currently has 27,700 students enrolled and 6.000 members of staff employed and teaches theology, law, medicine, humanities, mathematics, natural sciencessocial sciencesdentistry and Education. The University of Oslo was founded in 1811 and was originally named as Royal Frederic University in honor of King Frederick VI of Denmark and Norway until the year 1939. The University represents the heart of Norway’s culture and today it is internationally recognized as the first university to have ever hosted a Nobel peace prize ceremony and is even known to have 5 of its scientist affiliates that have also been awarded with Nobel prizes. This demonstrates how effective the university actually is in developing brilliant minds and to this day, many students that have graduated from the University of Oslo have been shown to very smart and intelligent people such as Harrison Smith the former American astronaut, Baldwin Spencer the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda and Thor Heyerdahl, Norway’s brave adventurer and ethnographer.

This is one of the only institutions that do not require tuition fees, but because of the university’s very competitive nature it is a highly selective college who will only take students who are ambitious and whose shoulders are straight. This is why a student who gets into the University of Oslo must be very energetic and be able to fully input all of their effort in courses to be able to remain up to date with the institution’s fast paced and state of the art education. But given the fact that the student was able to get in, it is without a doubt that he/she will remain up to date with all classes anyway as all ambitious students almost never fail to graduate from this university.


In order for the student to be applicable for a place in UIO, the student must demonstrate their level of proficiency in English by taking an official proficiency exam such as IELTS and TOEFL and have a satisfactory result preferably of at least 6.5 overall in IELTS. Completion of a general certificate in education (GCE/A Levels) is compulsory and it is imperative for the student to achieve very competent results due to the very competitive nature of the university´s student selectiveness. Students are usually offered a place based on performance and proficiency but due to the said competitive nature, the student is recommended to get at least grades that are above A´s in three A-level subjects related to their major in order to have a secure position in the competitive selection. The very same can be said for students that take the International Baccalaureate exams, the European Baccalaureate exams, Spanish Baccalaureate, United States SAT´s or any equivalent of their country´s educational system examinations were the student should have optimal marks in order to have a secure position within the University of Oslo´s admissions process. The student must also have a basic knowledge of Norwegian for certain courses that may require it otherwise their admission request may be rejected as well.


Education at the University of Oslo is free of charge. However, a student that isn´t a Norwegian/EU resident or does not have a house in Oslo is required to pay for housing fees in order to have a place to stay during their studies.


The pricing for the University of Oslo´s non-resident students are:


Housing:                                                                      NOK 17,500/1,832€

Food:                                                                            NOK 15,000/1,570€

Books & Supplies: NOK 5,000/523€

Transportation: NOK 3,000/314€

Other Expenses: NOK 3,000/314€

Total 5 month payments: NOK 52,500/5,495€

As mentioned above, all payments are done for 5 months duration

  • The University of Oslo was awarded around 250 research projects funded by EU Framework Programs


  • The university of Oslo  won the International Student Satisfaction award in 2016


  • Norway has been called the Land of the Sun


  • Norway has been independent from Sweden since 1905 and is now the country with the highest Human Development Index (2015 stats)


  • Norway is considered to be the country with the one of the best standards of living as a result of its excellent healthcare and safety record!


  • As mentioned before, the University of Oslo has hosted the Nobel Peace prize ceremony and 5 of its science affiliates have Nobel Prizes.

What to expect?

You will be very surprised that in Norway people are very well educated. In fact, as soon as you arrive in Oslo you will instantly notice that Norwegians speak English very fluently when compared to the other countries in Europe and many speak very clearly as well. This reflects their very high level education system which itself is considered to be the one of the best in Europe let alone in the whole world. People in Norway are also very well mannered and hospitable up to the point where it’s rare to find a Norwegian that is rude or inhospitable. This is why Norway is considered to be the country with the best human development and is very well reflected in their safety record, hospitality, culture, healthcare and state of the art human rights and freedom of the press.

Apart from the fact that Norway has wonderful people, the country is simply beautiful and Oslo is no exception. You will find precious beautiful snowy mountains in Christiania where one of the world´s best ski resorts is hosted and a city that is simply like no other. The city of Oslo has modern buildings with skyscrapers blended with beautiful Scandinavian styled architectures and even a port with sailing boats, cruises and speedboats that give off a unique beauty of the typical Scandinavian atmosphere combined with a modern metropolis and a portside city resort!

Life in Oslo:

Living in Oslo is simply a lifetime experience. The people, as mentioned before, are the friendliest and kindest you will ever find all across Europe and possibly all over the world. The people are very polite and very well mannered thanks to the very high level of human development index in Norway. You will never find yourself lost in the city since there´s always going to be someone willing to help you out and the fact that the crime rates in Oslo are amongst the lowest in the world means that you will rarely have to worry about something happening to you when you´re all by yourself whether at day or at night.

Nightlife in Oslo is also very lively and it is no secret that Norwegians are very outgoing people due to their laidback and hospitable behavior. You will normally find the locals at bars and clubs around 9pm to 3:30-4:00am at Karl Johan street or the city center which are the most popular places where the youth tends to spend their night. Nightclubs in Oslo tend to be strict with dressing codes and have strict rules regarding smoking and designated areas to throw rubbish in order to have all clubs remain clean and presentable.

Places to visit when you are in Oslo:


Ekebergparken park is one of Oslo´s cultural symbols. It is considered by the locals as the contemporary art capital devoted to sculpture. Here you will see sculptures and works by famous Norwegian artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Marina Abramovíc, Jenny Holzer, Tony Oursler, Sarah Lucas, Tony Cragg, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Rodin, Maillol and Vigeland.

Astrup Fearnley Museet:

A contemporary art museum developed by Renzo Piano. The museum is built from silvered wood with a glass roof that gives it a maritime feeling. Here you will find works belonging to American artists of the 80´s such as Jeff Koons, Tom Sachs, Cindy Sherman and Richard Prince who are all well represented.

Ibsen Museet:

The museum that used to be the house of the famous Norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen. Here you can see Ibsen´s poem collection in their intact forms, bedroom and his study. This was also Ibsen´s last home left intact.



The national gallery house of Oslo.  It contains Norway´s largest collection of traditional and modern arts particularly from Europe with works by Gauguin, Claudel, Picasso and El Greco, Manet, Degas, Renoir, Matisse, Cézanne and Monet. 19th  Norwegian artists also have a strong prominent pieces on display, including key figures such as JC Dahl and Christian Krohg.

Eating Out in Oslo

The Scottish cuisine is very unique due to many influences and changes it has had throughout history. Apart from borrowing many dishes from the English cuisine, such as the Shepherd’s pie or the fisherman’s platter, the Scottish cuisine also has its influences from French cuisine as well. We have the Collop, a dish originating from the escalope (scallop), the cannel originating from cannelle (cinnamon), etc. The most iconic dish is the Haggis, a tasty pudding made out of sheep heart, liver or lungs.

Fish and Chips form a big part in Scottish cuisine as well, although English by origin, the dish itself became incorporated into the Scottish cuisine, due to its popularity and identity among the Scottish population.  

In overall the Scottish cuisine is rather unique when compared to its neighbors England, Wales and Cornwall. In fact, due to its influences such as the seafood dishes and burnt cream from France, Shepherd’s pie, Fish and chips as well as the Triffle dessert hailing from the UK and finally, the Scottish Haggis and the Cranachan dessert altogether make the Scottish cuisine very unique and rather special.

Eating Out in Oslo:

Norway has without a doubt, one of the tastiest and healthiest cuisines in the whole world. The food in Norway includes wildlife dishes such as deer steaks, sheep meat and seafood such as the salmon fish (which Norway is very known for exporting), cod and the unique bluefish tuna.

One of the tastiest meat dishes in Norway is Pinnekjøtt that consists of racks of lamb in brine or sea salt. It is a very popular dish that anyone should give a try and has become a tradition where it is served as a dish in Christmas and New Years meals.

One delicacy that anyone should try is the sheep head known as the smalahove. Don´t be pushed away by its appearance because the flavor can be simply described in one word : Delicious!

Moose is also a unique delicacy that simply is like no other dish anyone has tried. It is often fried as a steak and despite the price, it is one dish that will remain within your memory and the flavor will stick to your heart for the rest of your life.

In Oslo there are plenty of international cuisines that everyone must try.

Among these are included:


Probably the best Norwegian fine dining experience you can ever have. This restaurant has some of the finest seafood and game food that will satisfy not only the hearts of the Norwegians, but will also enamor people from abroad. Served with Norwegian love and care, this restaurant simply has everything you can ever look for: service, hospitality, coziness and warmth served by the staff.

Alex Sushi:

The one sushi place the asian aficionado shouldn´t miss. This restaurant serves one of the tastiest sushi rolls, sashimi slices and maki rolls one can have and the environment is simply like no other. Here you will find your favorite salmon, California rolls, tuna sashimi and any other of your favorite seafood freshly caught from the wild.

Benares Indian Restaurant:

If Indian food is your way to go, then this restaurant is definitely your number one spot. The service is very good, the restaurants interior décor is lean and modern and the staff is simply among the friendliest you will find. This place has some of the finest curries and tandoori dishes in all of Norway.

Ruffino Italian Restaurant:

The perfect Italian experience, this restaurant has some of the finest pasta and other Italian dishes that is enough to satisfy even the truest of the truest Italian food lovers. The interior of the restaurant is lively and the food is served by the kindest and most efficient staff around.



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