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We are one of the oldest institutions working with the International Baccalaureate in Spain. We have a large group of experts in all subjects, monographs and all related projects. Every year we help more than 500 students with their IB projects and subjects. 


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Types of IB Courses

Need help with your Internal Assessment?

Internal assessment is the process in which teachers and schools judge students’ performance on the basis of their knowledge. The aim of this project is to consolidate the syllabus and to ensure that students are able to apply it outside the scope of the exam. At TutorASAP we are experts and a marking centre for these projects. Doing a monograph is not as difficult as it seems, you just need one of our tutors by your side. If you need some inspiration here are some posts that may interest you.

We know that the Internal Assessment is one of the biggest headaches for IB students. This IB project, like the T.O.K., is the most rigorous and professional of their IB years.

What does our Internal Assessment and T.O.K. course consist of?

– It is a completely PRIVATE course: the student will have a teacher just for him/her.

– We will design a specific plan based on the T.E.O.K. algorithm to help the student to elaborate an extraordinary project. Moreover…

– We will strengthen the student’s self-learning and autonomy.

– We will enhance the student’s individual talents and skills.

EXTRA! Our teachers are complete experts in IB projects: we can be proud to have professionals with many years of experience in the international system.

Do you need help with a subject?

With us it is possible to go through the entire syllabus in 20 hours. With this intensive course you will have an expert tutor in the subject who will help you and guide you with all the topics you need. With this type of course you can choose the pace and time of your classes. We are the only academy in Spain able to offer this. 

– We will go through the syllabus, focusing on what you need most.

– We will do mock exams (mocks) and past papers (past papers).

– We will spot and correct individual mistakes made by each student.

– We will teach students study and planning techniques.

– We will get involved in student motivation and stress management for positive learning with the help of our psychologists and pedagogues.

And much more! All this with our brand of individualised education under the T.E.O. algorithm and our high performance system.

REMEMBER! You can receive private lessons on your own with a teacher of the subject of your choice with our TAILORMADE modality.

Who said the International Baccalaureate is difficult?

Contact us and soon you will have your intensive course.