revision courses


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Group classes with students of the same year. What do we do in this course?

– Reviewing the syllabus.

– Mock exams (mocks) and review of past papers.

– We identify the individual mistakes of each student and teach them how to correct them.

– We teach them study and planning techniques that are very useful for their day-to-day life.

– We help with student motivation as well as stress management for positive learning thanks to the psychologists and pedagogues of our centre.

– And much more! Always totally personalised.

All this under the T.E.O. algorithm and our own high performance system of our international academy.

REMEMBER! You can receive private classes on your own with a teacher of the subject of your choice with our TAILOR-MADE modality.


grade 11

Group classes of any subject. 10-hour course!

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grade 12 standard level

Group classes of any subject. 17-hour course!

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grade 12 high level

Group classes of any subject. 20-hour course!

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A private course with one-and-one classes. Fully customised!

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We know that the Internal Assessment is one of the biggest headaches for IB students. This is a very difficult project, being one of the most rigorous and decisive that they will have to do during their baccalaureate years. 

This IA (or T.O.K) course is totally PRIVATE. It consists of:

– We design of a individualised plan based on the T.E.O. algorithm to help the student to do an extraordinary project. In adittion to…

– Strengthening the student’s self-learning and autonomy.

– Maximizing the student’s potential.

EXTRA! Our teachers for this type of course are specially experienced in IB projects, with years of experience teaching IB students.

It’s not just us, it’s our students!

internal assessment & t.o.k.

Do your projects with our 10-hour intensive and you'll get the best grade!

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