Innovative education: Top classrooms and teachers

It is costing, but, little by little, it becomes reality. Classrooms in schools, especially those in preschool and primary education, are adapting to the educational needs that the children of the 21st century need to face a professional future that most of them do not yet know what it will consist.

That is why, because it is expected that more than half of the jobs of the future do not yet exist, it is important to equip children with the necessary tools so that they can work, without fear and solving their own problems, to become successful professionals.

Some tools that innovative education brings. Education which TutorAsapbet on, specialized in providing after- school support to students in the International Baccalaureate and A-Level and IGCSE center.

Innovative education that begins with classrooms adapted to teach this type of education, as well as motivated and creative teachers who get students to come to the center motivated and learn more effectively and in a personalized way.

6 steps to create an innovative classrooma

The goal of an innovative classroom is that both students and teachers understand that this classroom are an innovative and current physical space. To achieve this, some of the points that must be taken into account when it comes to achieving an innovative classroom are the following:


  • The walls are boards: the teacher can use the walls as places to send messages and write schemes related to what is learned in class. You can bet on the vinyl paper and put it all over the wall and use this space to project images, decorate or draw.


  • Digital boards: more and more classes have added digital boards, replacing the old ones. With the use of tablets and the new technologies in the classrooms the digital boards are the place where the digital dimension is projected.


  • Resituate desks: teamwork and collaborative is one of the aspects that are trying to work on an innovative educational system. Therefore, having the tables in rows in the classroom is meaningless and therefore a recommendation is to put the desks in a way that will enhance the collaborative work in the classrooms.


  • Using windows and walls: the idea is that any class space can be used to write, create mind maps, put mural, set rules or motivational phrases that the students can watch every day.


  • Watch the lighting: would be advisable for classes illumination color was white or very light sepia. Thus, a classroom with more clarity and naturalness will be achieved.


  • Create clotheslines: In addition to using all the walls and windows of the class. A recommendation is to put thin lines of rope where images related to the projects that are worked during that week are hung.


Creative teachers: the basis of innovative education

In order for a teacher to qualify as creative and therefore able to provide training that motivates students and is motivating, it should meet the following requirements:

  • Focus problems as a challenge to try new experiences.
  • It has a mindset open to changes and unexpected situations.
  • Typically, these types of teachers identify more with the students and are more empathetic, knowing their skills, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Tries to question the why of things and that also transmits it to his students, encouraging them to be rational and critical people.
  • It creates a kind of climate of trust in the classroom to encourage more creativity and innovation.

All these advantages are those that can be obtained if the teacher is able to develop this ability.

InTutorAsaphave teachers who possess this quality, because it is one of the most important and defendants in teachers who teach the IB.