Boost your learning skills, become a High Performer

The T.H.P. Diploma is our flagship program, a two-year program. This diploma is obtained when our students have studied five subjects in GCSE the first year, and four in A-Level, during the second year.

Besides the classes dedicated to the study of these subjects, our students will have, in the afternoons, Lab Time, a High Performance program where they will learn all those qualities necessary for the professional world that they do not receive through the study of the subjects.

The T.T.P. (T.E.O. Tutoring Programme) is designed for students who take external GCSE, A-Level and IB examinations. The completion of the full programme implies that the student obtains the T.T.P. Certificate, as a complement to his or her academic training.

In the T.T.P. program, students will receive classes in which they will review the total content of the subjects. Special attention will be given to the key concepts and the resolution of exam problems. In these classes, the T.E.O. Algorithm will be applied, which will look for the didactic method that best suits each student.

The Homeschooling program is designed for students who are examined in a GCSE, A-Level and IB manner. The completion of the complete program involves the student obtaining the T.T.P. certificate, as a complement to their academic training. In addition, the exams will take place in one of our educational centers in Madrid.

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