You or your child is struggling with school. You are not confident you are going to pass that next test or get that A, you are worried about the IB, A LEVELS, IGCSE, SAT, or LSAT, or you are concerned that your child is falling behind in math or reading. We work to help you with all of these concerns helping you achieve the results that you are looking for. The smile on your child’s face when they bring home their first A or yours when you know you are on your way to nursing school is invaluable.

Our tutoring program features the combination of benefits that you will not find anywhere else. We will have experienced teachers come to your home and spend one on one time with you in any subject and grade level.

After the first upfront payment, we charge you monthly for the number of hours you select below. You are welcome to stop the tutoring at any time by contacting us. Feel free to call us with any questions; tutoring will begin 2-3 business days from payment receipt.

How often does my chiled need private tutoring?

We recommend a minimum of 3 hours of tutoring a week with a private tutor. Anything less than that is generally ineffective. The more hours your child spends with one of our private tutors, the faster they will catch up and no longer need tutoring services. For students who are literally failing subject, plan on three to four hours a week of intense private tutoring. There are no contracts of any kind.slide_31

The length of time your child will require private tutoring is highly dependent on the student’s need, abilities and how far they are behind when we start working with them. On average, most of our clients tutor with our company four to six months. Keep in mind, contracting for more hours initially, may save you money in the long run because your student will catch up faster.

What is the tutoring price?

We strive to charge the lowest tutoring rates while providing the highest rates of tutoring service, We offer various tutoring packages based on the amount of hours you contract for each month. Our hourly rates drop the more hours you pre-purchase or if you have more than one child. The rates generally increase for more difficult subject matter and decrease for group sessions. Please fill up the online form and we send the information in less than 48 hours.

How do you ensure quality tutors?

Almost all of our tutors are state certified teachers or college educated students with a gift for teaching. They know their subject matter well and have an easy time relating to others. If at any time you are dissatisfied with your tutor for any reason, we will immediately substitute that teacher for one that better meets your requirements.

How do you screen your tutors?

Tutors go through a rigorous training and screening process through our tutoring employment department. We run multiple criminal background checks on all of our tutors and require proof of transcripts or college degrees.

What if I don’t want the tutor to come to my home?

No problem. We will tutor anywhere you want us to tutor, as long as it is a safe place for our tutors. We do require that an adult chaperone be present for all tutoring sessions.

I have multiple children who need tutoring,do you offer discounts?

Yes. Call our office for details. But we try and make tutoring rates reasonable for larger families.