Christmas Intensive Courses

I+D Christmas Courses

This 20 hour course is a tune-up and development of the Internal Assessment, Extended Essay and Personal Statement.

The course consists of 5 phases which comprise teamwork in groups of up to 5 students, meetings and workshops. Our students’ project will be carried out according to IB project rules and will be tracked using our T.E.O. educational algorithm.

In addition to individual work, there will be group meetings which will serve to share and comment on task progress. This is important because it encourages two things: healthy competition, so nobody is left behind; and peer learning.


Tailor Made Intensive Couse

Tailor-made courses are one-to-one courses (one student per tutor) in which support will be given to the student’s learning process in the chosen subject. For this we will have 10 hours of class time in which to work on the subject, focusing on:

  • Working on study habits and techniques which will allow the student to surpass themselves in the subject
  • Encouraging confidence and independence in the students.
  • Working on the subject’s syllabus content, concentrating on those topics which cause most difficulty.
  • Fine-tuning our teaching method and subject revision to the particular needs of the student.




+240 Tutors

Trained and specialized under the educational algorithm T.E.O. to get the most out of our students.

T.E.O. 4 Colores

T.E.O. Algorithm

Our educational algorithm creates the leaders of the future. We take into account more than 10 variables to get the most out of the student.


Student & Protagonist

In our classes the protagonist is the student. With our methodology exportable to all branches of life our students become decisive and modern people.


Online Platform

We have our own online platform. No matter where you are, TutorASAP always has a tutor willing to help you.

Other TutorASAP services:

T.H.P. Diploma

The T.H.P. Diploma is our flagship program, a two-year program. This diploma is obtained when our students have studied five subjects in GCSE the first year, and four in A-Level, during the second year.

Besides the classes dedicated to the study of these subjects, our students will have, in the afternoons, Lab Time, a High Performance program where they will learn all those qualities necessary for the professional world that they do not receive through the study of the subjects.

This Lab Time will be divided into two years, and will be essential for obtaining the T.H.P. Diploma. Students who do this partially can receive a T.H.P. Certificate.

TutorASAP_01 (1)

T.T.P. Certificate

The T.T.P. (T.E.O. Tutoring Programme) is designed for students who take external GCSE, A-Level and IB examinations. The completion of the full programme implies that the student obtains the T.T.P. Certificate, as a complement to his or her academic training.

In the T.T.P. program, students will receive classes in which they will review the total content of the subjects. Special attention will be given to the key concepts and the resolution of exam problems. In these classes, the T.E.O. Algorithm will be applied, which will look for the didactic method that best suits each student.

group classes

The group class project stems from the need to support students from other educational centers in their process of learning certain subjects, as well as preparing them optimally for passing exams. These objectives will be worked on in each session specifically and / or transversally. They will also have official TutorASAP materials.


Online CLasses

Online classes are taught from our own platform, no matter the day or time, we will always have a tutor capable of teaching that class that our student needs so much. Our main objective is for the student to achieve satisfactory results through online private lessons, which will result in an improvement in their self-esteem, motivation and achievements.

Private classes

Taught since 1997, we help reach the best universities. Our trained and specialized tutors offer versatility regarding the type of support students need. Our tutors create bonds in a brotherhood relationship between students and teachers, your tutor will be like an older brother to accompany you in your learning process. Classes follow the T.E.O. algorithm, our educational algorithm is responsible for working the study strategies in a personalized way through educational variables that adapt to the student.


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