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The Heart of Catalonia´s Education!

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is one of the best universities in Europe let alone the whole world. It is currently ranked 160th best university in the whole world, 67th in europe and the 4th best in Spain. The university currently houses 50,000 people including professor´s, undergrad and post-grad students and researchers. The university is lauded for its excellence in research quality and teaching. The university offers 87 Bachelor degrees, 315 Master´s degrees and 68 phd programs and are taught by state of the art professors and researchers. The university is best known for its business classes and it promotes innovation, employability and entrepreneurship. The University regularily conducts research and gains knowledge surrounding key elements of surrounding the business and industrial community as well as scientific centers such as the alba synchrotron light facility that is nearby the university.

The university has a strong influx of foreigners as thanks to its use of several foreign projects for exchange students such as the Erasmus Mundus, Comenius, Leonardo Da Vinci and Erasmus K2. With the foreign exchange programs i.e the Erasmus Mundus, the University has agreements with around 500 different universities in Europe and receive thousands of new foreign students per month.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is without a doubt one of the finest universities in this world with a very active student life. The number of international students equate to 2,187 coupled with a total of 31,986 local students with the majority being postgraduate students consisting of 25% and 75% undergraduate students. It is also worth noting that apart from being a largely business-oriented university, it is also very competent at biosciences, sciences, communication studies, education, political science and sociology, law, economics, engineering, philosophy and arts, medicine, psychology, translation and interpreting.

The main languages used in subject are Spanish and Catalan however, English is also used very often in several subjects.  The courses are all taught in a semester-based interval, free Catalan courses are offered to students who come from abroad.  Social life in Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona is very active, plenty social events are organized regularly on weekends and everyone is always having a fun time getting to know everyone and forming close bonds.  The students are proud of their college and representing the university at parties and events forms a big pride of the college.

Sports also form a major part of the University.  Sports management is one of the colleges major´s that teach students about coaching and also includes courses that talk about the history and origins of tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming etc in order to prepare the young-ins and make them into brilliant sports co-ordinators and coaches.  The College students also organize regular sport events particularly soccer and the college does participate in sports competitions with other colleges too.


Generally speaking, it is somewhat easy to apply for Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona since it focuses more on performance than actual grades. Getting accepted is however difficult due to the competitive nature of the university. The university makes it compulsory for any foreign student to have good understanding of Spanish and therefore require the students to have at least a B2 level in order to be accepted or at least a foreign equivalent in A-levels or IB, so that the student will be evaluated for eligibility. For the Student to secure his place, it is highly recommended to get 3 A´s in all A-level subjects taken to have a secure position or at least 3 B´s in order to be considered. A student may have an exceptional chance with the C´s if they demonstrate a particular interest in the major they intend to take. A general knowledge in Catalan is also required however, if the student is foreign or comes from a different part of Spain and does not know how to speak Catalan, free classes will be offered.

Students who are already in university and wish to transfer to UAB must at least have a College GPA of 2.5 and/or similar equivalent in their country´s college system in order for them to be eligible, and must have their full transcript sent to the college for evaluation. Exchange students wishing to be part of the uni for a period of time must apply for Erasmus and go through the same process.


Fees in UAB are more complex than the general fee system in UK or the USA. The student is required to pay a credit price (matricula). Usually credit prices are paid per credit and are calculated by Administrative services that are; Compulsory student insurance, Academic record management, Specific services and learning support services. For example a new Economics & Business student that starts out will have 0 credits, and therefore will be required to pay an amount of 70€ for compulsive student insurance, 69.80€ for academic record management and 1.12€ for learning support services.

Prices per credit will change depending on the student´s major credits and are paid in two cycles. Tuition Fees are free since this is a public institution.

In general, the admission fees for an undergraduate student are:



  • Matricula/Credit Price per Major:



Compulsory Student Insurance:                                                                   1,12€

Academic Record Management:                                                                69,80€

Specific services and learning

Support services:                                                                                           70,00€


  • Additional Fees:


Additional Insurance:                                                5,09€

Mobility Insurance:                                                                                         9,72€

Foreign degree Equivalence:                                                                     218,15€



  • Physical activity and


sport service(Optional):                                                                          260,00€


If you are a new student joining the first course, you must register for all the credits first. You must enroll a minimum of 30 credits of those recognized in your first subsequent enrollment. You will complete your enrollment with subjects from other courses until you reach 60. If you are applying for a minimum 42 credits course, you will complete your course at a maximum of 78 credits.

  • The university currently has students from 90 different countries!


  • The university has campuses in Badalona, Barcelona, Bellaterra & Sabadell.


  • The university is only 25 minutes away from downtown Barcelona.


  • The Main Campus is located in Bellaterra Europe the heart of one of the main industrial and technological poles of Mediterranean Europe


  • The university has its own specialized libraries, a language learning center, sport facilities with a gym, pools, football pitches, basketball fields etc, healthcare centres, restaurants, stores and cafés.


  • The University promotes innovation, employability and entrepreneurship and excels in Business education, Finances and education.


  • Catalonia is Spain´s 2nd most economically developed autonomous community.

What to expect in Barcelona?

When visiting Barcelona, you will see a city that will definitely surprise you. Barcelona is very modern and has everything one can look for; bars, restaurants, shopping malls, cafeterias, beaches and many more. In Barcelona you will see beautiful structures that were built by famous Catalan Spanish figures such as the Sagrada Familia, which means the Sacred/Holy Family in Spanish and Catalan . It is as church built by famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi who was renown for building unique structures and building that modernized the Catalan history. You will notice that Catalan people tend to be a little bit closed, but this shouldn´t be an off putting issue since most Catalans are very polite and hospitable at the same time.  You will see that in Barcelona you will never be hungry and the Catalan Cuisine is so unique that it will remain within your heart for the rest of your life!

Barcelona is a very vibrant city with a very outgoing community. People can be seen reuniting at the city center´s cafeterias, bars and parks and socializing together having a chat. Barcelona is very beautiful and has amazing building such as the Sagrada Familia, the Park Guell which is safely saying that it is the most beautiful park in Barcelona with colorful structures and and palmtrees or the city center itself, that is very modern mixed with some of the most beautiful architecture you will see in the world.

Getting the city out of the way, we have the most beautiful beaches in Barcelona such as the costa brava, the barceloneta or the nova icaria beach. These beaches are very clean and are full of people having a relaxing time either taking the sun or having a swim.

The nightlife in Barcelona is extremely outgoing. Young people can be seen in bars or discotheques in La Rambla, either relaxing or dancing with their friends.  La Rambla is full of people in the late evening up to early morning which makes the whole social scene be very fun and exciting.

Places to visit in Barcelona:

Sagrada Familia:

One of Barcelona´s most iconic places. As mentioned before, it is a church built by famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. It is not only one of the most iconic symbols in Catalonia, but also in the whole of Spain and symbolizs Catalan Spanish culture.

Park Güell:

Barcelona´s Iconic park. This park has some of the most beautiful if not abstract colorful structures and is a favorite spot for families and couples to relax and have a small picnic.

Museu Nacional dárt de Catalunya:

One of Barcelona´s most cultural spots. This museum is right spot if you are looking to study Catalan Spanish history and has medieval church frescoes, chairs designed by Gaudí and Romanesque art collections.

⚽ Camp Nou Stadium ⚽

Perhaps this is one of the most meaningful pieces of in modern history to the Catalan people.It is the biggest stadium in Europe, with a capacity of 99,354 seats.  Camp Nou is the stadium of FC Barcelona and symbolizes Catalonia´s and Spain´s history where one of the most famous Soccer teams get to play against Barcelona, who is itself one of the worlds most famous teams.

Eating Out in Barcelona

The Catalan cuisine is one of the tastiest cuisines you will ever get your chance to have. You will notice that the Catalan cuisine has its influences from Italian, French and Spanish cultures and will find it extremely unique. From the pan amb tomaquet/pan tumaca which has tomato filled bread with Iberian ham to the delicious Crema Catalana, the Catalan crème bruleé, you will never be hungry. The Catalan cuisine will enamor you with its unique dishes and meals and will satisfy even those who are unfamiliar with Italian, French and Spanish cuisines, like as mentioned before, have its roots from. Catalans are very proud of their food and won´t hesitate to serve their finest dishes to make you the happiest man/woman in the planet.

Places to eat in Barcelona:


One of the best restaurants in Barcelona. This restaurant combines many mediterranean cuisines such as Spanish, French and Catalan. Here you will find French frog legs, Italian Carpaccio, Catalan pan con tumaca and grilled dishes such as beef entrecot and chuletón T-Bone Steak.


Can Boneta:

One of the ost traditional Catalan restaurants. This place has every delicious spanish and Catalan dishes you can look for such as tapas, pan con tumaca, crema catalana, cargolls a la llauna and even seafood. This restaurant has very friendly and hospitable staff who will serve your food with real love and care, because the restaurant does really seem to care about its customers and love to represent their own culture.

Koy Shunka:

A japanese restaurant that is simply unique. Apart from having the regular Japanese sushi and sashimi, this place also has its own unique versions such as the shrimp tartar. This restaurant has a very clean interior and staff that are very efficient, polite and educated ready to serve you at any moment if you require. The sushi can be picked up on the japanese style bar table.

Reina Margherita:

Probably the tastiest italian restaurant in Barcelona. This restaurant has your favorite pizza´s, pasta and even fish. Ranging from the tastiest prosciutto pizza to the delicious Bolognese Pasta, this place is outrageously delicious even in Italian standards!


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